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What's the best way to make money on gta online?


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So got a ps4 recently got gta n had the starter pack but spent all the money on guns n clothes I didn't need - now I got cars in my garage and 10k in the bank - would appreciate any advice or help!

Edit: Didn't expect this much support n advice from y'all 😁 - and I appreciate each and everyone of U's - n i'm also glad a community like this exist!

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I won't lie to you. The starting grind of GTA Online is tough. If you don't have friends to carry you through heists or anything, you're not gonna be making too much money.

That being said, this is what I recommend to every new player.

1. Grind the VIP work jobs. Sightseer is the easiest for a new player, it's literally just running around the map collecting packages. Headhunter and Hostile Takeover is also good, but may be challenging for a new player without any weaponized vehicles. They pay roughly 20-25k per mission. Grind those and save up all the cash.

2. Now you have options. The goal is to buy a business to start really making passive income. I personally recommend you get a Bunker or a CEO Office and Cargo/Vehicle Warehouse.  Both of these will set you back 1-2 million dollars, but you'll make that money back quick.   

That's quite literally it for GTA Online. You basically just repeat step 2 from now on. You just grind and grind, save money and expand your businesses to make more money. As someone who had played GTA Online since 2013, I do not recommend getting into GTA Online now. It's full of toxicity and I'm just flat out burnt out on grinding. If you were on PC, 

It's why I play GTA World, I suggest you do too. GTA World is paradise compared to Online.

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