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Guide to Legal Civillian Roleplay | Part 1 | Creation, Development & Realism


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9 minutes ago, BINGBONGGHOST said:

You mouth breathing retards post THIS SHIT you're all fine but I post a helpful alternative to screenshotting and adding text on someone else's guide and THAT gets deleted?


Not good, hijo de puta.

 hey man take it easy

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Guide to Legal Civillian Roleplay Part 1  |  Creation, Development & Realism     Introduction Hey there! So you are looking to get a more indepth knowledge on how to rolep

this entire guide seems fairly invalid. there's no such thing as civilian roleplay in the first place, because it would be the vast majority of the playerbase, including everyone who isn't a part of p

Although I do appreciate the effort put into this, the title and the content are highly misleading to the actual purpose of ''civilian roleplay'' as you call it. The guide only scratches the very surface of the civilian roleplay scene and very vaguely explains some possible ways of roleplay, which shouldn't dictate how others roleplay as that should be up to them. Putting the whole civilian genre into a few guides is impossible as there are countless concepts and the presence of a guide could and will set a guideline which people will try to follow, therefore not letting their creativity lead the course of actions of their character, but instead, try to hold themselves to this guide. Guides are made for players to educate others, however, this guide looks to me as if it's trying to dictate how others should and shouldn't roleplay. Furthermore, you wanted my approval on the guide before posting it, but it seems to me like you dropped that idea after I explained to you that I'm on Leave of Absence and that it will take an undetermined period of time before that would be possible due to IRL complications. I simply do not believe that a guide like this is possible to make as it will never actually catch the full perspective on legal roleplay as a whole and perhaps only scratch a few layers of it at most. In the future, I do recommend to instead focus on small parts of legal roleplay instead of trying to catch the whole scene and fit it into one guide. I will be archiving this thread for lack of possible use and very vague explanations in the guide. I also recommend actually sticking to your idea of waiting for approval and opinions before posting a guide if that is what you decided to do from the beginning.

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