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213 Seoul Tigers 서울 호랑이

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213 Seoul Tigers in theory exists as a clique that aims to protect the local community from external and internal threats, yet not in the traditional sense, as they are rumored to use violence and intimidation. In reality it is as much a criminal organization as any other, even though they pride themselves on keeping their streets clean of drug dealers and drug users, they have a certain double standard, as they fund their operations though drug distribution in other affluent neighborhoods, along with extortion and muscle for hire whether that be for local businesses or the community in general.

Initially sparked as an idea during the incarceration of two prominent members, this eventually came to fruition as their sentences came to an end and they received more information about the status-quo of Koreatown. A former associate, who has remained free during the duos incarceration actively updated the pair about the situation. Wanting to ensure the legitimacy of the Korean community and it's members, and with the power vacuum created with the fall of the local MS-13; alongside the diminishing power of other local Asian criminal enterprises such as SBZ has allowed the group to slowly flourish and fill in the power gap.


The long standing tradition of Korean gangs in Little Seoul has paved the way for 213 Seoul Tigers, as gangs would be a phenomenon denied by most older Koreans, claiming them not to exists, due to the taboo of organized crime in Korean society. Supposedly, ulterior motives are in play, and the group itself is far from being a simple collective of goons.





Upon joining the faction discord and receiving your first rank, you are expected to give out your CK perms to leadership. Any concerns, questions or advice can be directed to the management of the faction. If you are a gang roleplayer with experience from other parts of the server, we encourage you to research Koreatown and Korean gangs to the best of your ability, to understand the difference between these and traditional gangs, as Koreatown has a different atmosphere than Long Beach or Compton.


Feel free to submit any inquiries or requests on Discord through PM's to either Spitfire or myself @ Artz#6488 or Hanz#4922


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