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As Northeaster Farms, we aim to provide Los Santos with fresh and organic vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. Our harvest is treated with love and delivered with respect. Even though we're a very small business, we deliver our products to many businesses and also to many houses.



one case capacity = 20 lbs


(s) Apple = $3/lbs | $40/case

(s) Strawberry = $5/lbs | $70/case

(s) Banana = $5/hand | $50/case

Pumpkin = $10/piece | $100/case

(s) Tomato = $2/lbs | $30/case


(s) Potato = $5/lbs | $70/case

(s) Lettuce = $8/pack | $100/case

Carrot = $3/lbs | $50/case

(s) Cucumber = $5/lbs | $80/case

(s) Lemon = $8/pack | $150/case


Milk = $5/bottle | $15/gal | $100/case

Cheese = $10/pack |  $150/case

Butter = $10/pack |  $200/case


(s) Carp = $10/piece |  $450/case

(s) Bass = $2/piece |  $100/case


Delivery Fee = $100


Contact Info

Jake Wolf323-0-9673 | E-Mail, ((Forum PM)) / ((Discord: Gavelhead#1597))

Call/text/send an e-mail now and place in an order! Freshly** picked up harvest will be delivered to you as soon as possible. (Delivery hours: 08:00-18:00, every day)


*Fish orders will be delivered the NEXT DAY as they're fished for order.

**Not all products may be fresh as there are different seasons for different harvest. Those that are in season are marked with (S) in the price list. Others are pre-stored, though still as tasty!

**Dairy products are always fresh and made daily.




((This business is strictly for roleplaying, meaning I won't be selling actual script-wise items. That's why the prices are as close as to real life US prices as possible, I don't mean to profit off of this. Anybody can come visit the farm, roleplay with the "animals", ride my "horse", go out hunting with me, such and such. Hell, you don't even need to pay me actual money, just roleplaying it is enough for me. So please, PLEASE come roleplay with me and support me!))





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Come down to our farm and learn how to handle ranch animals and how to ride a horse... all for free!


Address: Union Road, Grapeseed, Blaine County, SA. Call or text 323-0-9673 to recieve the location!

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Wonderful to see this, Jake. I loved visiting your farm, riding Brandy, and fighting with that coyote! 😄
Keep up the good work. Hoping to see some quality RP emerge out of this. 🤠

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