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I'm Jake Wolf. Ever since my deadbeat dad ditched me and my mom, I've been making my own living. Since fourteen years of age, I've been a hustler. Tried my hand at everything and took a liking to the farm/ranch life. Growing up in a small town in San Antonio causes that. I dropped out of high school, I knew that education wasn't going to get me anywhere. 


Momma always told me that loneliness isn't a disease, but a choice. Looking back at it, I see that. Though she forgot to mention that it's not my choice because I never chose to be alone. Every year, I tell myself that I'm gonna born from my ashes. That I'm gonna surround myself with people who are good to me, who make me feel better. Maybe a lady to commit... but every year, those resolutions go to the trash bin. I'm not a phoenix, I'm a Wolf. I guess that means I just need to find people like me and get accepted into their pack, whether they make me better or not.





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