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Staff Update - May 2021

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Hello everyone!


To start off with a stat that we are all very excited about, we hit 1000 players actively on the server at the same time in April. The rate we are growing at is something we are very proud of, and want to thank all of you for contributing toward! We hope to continue growing and providing more awesome content and features for you all to enjoy!


In April GTA:W received some awesome new features, one that has been long requested being Hunting! To accompany this roleplay shift toward the dangerous mountains and county area of the map, a new LEO faction has also been introduced to protect and monitor that area. The Park Rangers are now in full swing! So don't be surprised if you notice them patrolling around the mountains! Be sure if you're a hunter you have you license on hand in case you bump into them! The Park Rangers are solely based on the niche areas of Mount Chilliad, Mount Gordo and leaking into the sandy shores area for now, but have the potential to expand as more national parks are declared across the map. If this is an area of roleplay that interests you, be sure to keep an eye out as they will be opening recruitment within the coming weeks!


On the admin side of things, as we continue to grow as a team, and implement new practices and expectations we hope to continue narrowing down the wait time for reports both in-game and on the forums. As this is a goal of ours, wait times are sometimes unavoidable given the peak time has us pushing up to a thousand players with only 51 admins in total, and an average of around 10 admins online at once. As you can imagine 10 admins for 1000 players is a lot of people to be helping, so if you are required to wait on a report, just remember that we are working our hardest, and we truly appreciate your patience! 


Unfortunately @FearnR will be stepping down from Management and resigning from the staff team entirely. With FearnR's resignation we do not anticipate any hiccups or issues with this transition. We expect things to continue running smooth with @Pillsburyoverseeing all admin related matters and @Groz overseeing all support related matters.


"With my resignation I wanted to give a farewell to everyone in the community. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, but I have truly enjoyed my time in this community, and appreciate the positive interactions I have had with many of you. This is a fantastic community, and I truly appreciate the time I spent here, and the people I have met over the 3 years I have been in this community. " FearnR


GTA:World Management Team


Admin Promotions

Game Administrator Level 4 to Manager



Game Administrator Level 2 to Game Administrator Level 3




Game Administrator Level 1 to Game Administrator Level 2

@Nightmare Night



Trial Administrator to Game Administrator Level 1






Senior Support to Trial Administrator









Support to Senior Support











New Support Team Members



@Spider X3





If you were a staff applicant and were not given support you can check your application to see if it was marked as denied or reserved. If you have been denied you will see a button on your application to request your denial reason. If you have any issues with receiving your denial or reserved feedback be sure to reach out to both@Groz and @Jonesy so they can help you out! As there is often a large influx of denial requests Please allow us 48 hours to update the status of your application, once your application has been updated with (Denied/Reserved) you may then request the decision reasoning. Once requested please give us 72 hours to respond to any denial reason requests. All reserved applicants will be automatically responded to with our expectations for your reserved month, there is no need to request a response on applications marked "Reserved". Any denied applicants this month may not reapply until the staff applications open again in July for August 2021's staff update.

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Hello everyone!   To start off with a stat that we are all very excited about, we hit 1000 players actively on the server at the same time in April. The rate we are growing at is something w

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FearnR, thank you so much you've been a massive help in the staff team and management team, wishing you the best. Congratulations to Groz, Pillsbury and welcome to the new support members!

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