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[BORR] Blaine Off-Road Racing

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BORR, or Blaine Off-Road Racing, is an up and coming organization here to bring the motocross scene to San Andreas! The idea behind BORR is to give dirt bike enthusiasts, racers, and off-road lovers a chance to compete in competitions held in our state. We're looking to provide tournaments for local racers and teams who would like a  chance of giving themselves a name and moving onto the bigger leagues, to solidify a career in the sport. Though BORR will start primarily focused on motocross, we're looking to spread into off-road racing with vehicles as well.



Sign-ups will be added here soon! There will be a basic form to fill out with standard and legal questions. Signing up is mandatory to participate in the races.


As of right now, the first organized race time and date is TBA. The first race will be strictly Sanchez' only, and more on that will be explained in the coming days. All information regarding updates will be posted both here and on our soon to be added FaceBrowser page so those interested can keep up-to-date on when it will  take place.


We have a Discord we'll be using that will provide both IC and OOC information.

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