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Show age ranges in the nametag

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Short description: Show age ranges we have in /attributes and /examine in a person’s nametag.

Detailed description: Recently a lot of people defend in their reports “uh, he/she uses dusters against a kid?? He/she shoots a kid!”. My question is, why do people think we take the time to write /examine in an escalating situation? GTA’s limit is unfortunately that we can’t see people their age from their character appearance. If we add the age range in the nametags, like “Viviana Cruz (18/20)”, we’d be able to make well-informed decisions based on the age a lot quicker and a lot more often.

Commands to add: None

Items to add: Change to the nametag system

How would your suggestion improve the server? People would act more realisticly and more informed.

Additional information: This will avoid a lot of reports aswell, together with the excuse “you killed a kid as an adult!”

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