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[OnScene Media] PD's reckless actions leave one female fighting for her life

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PD's reckless actions leave one female fighting for her life




Just in; the Los Santos Police Department chase a female through Rockford Hills residental area.


Around 15:10 the Los Santos Police Department chase an unregistered orange Blista through Rockford Hills residental area following an altercation with the driver. After the short chase was stopped by the Los Santos Police Department's dangerous meanuvers leaving the vehicle in a mangled state with the driver fighting for her life.  Los Santos Fire Department's crews arrived on scene and started to extricate the female from inside, no spokes person from the Los Santos Fire Department although a spokes person from the Los Santos Police Department was on scene and said this.




"Officer Wells - Officer Wells with the Los Santos Police Department. I can't really disclose too much information at this time, other than a motor vehicle accident has taken place.


Hill - Are you able to comment on the uh felony stop?


Officer Wells - I'm not at this time, since this is still an active crime scene. If you'd like though you can request more information through our website as it's made available.


Hill - Okay and something just off-topic. Does the Los Santos Police Department condone officers disturbing residential areas parks?


Officer Wells - The Los Santos Police Department does not condone such an activity, no.


Hill - an the department touch on why their officers are doing this? Tax money going somewhere it's not needed.


Officer Wells - All further inquiries will have to be made via our website, which can be found at l-s-p-d dot gov."




"To Protect and To Serve" - How well are they protecting and serving us by putting our tax money into their faults.




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Username: Michel Quentin

Comment: This is exactly the reason as to why I'm going on about killing those corrupt officers in this trash city. They use illegal methods, abuse, threats and harassment against people. Trust me people I'll give them a lesson soon enough!

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