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[Guide] GTA:W vehicles and their realistic portrayal (WIP)


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Looks good! The idea of giving people a description of what a vehicle suits is really the key benefit of this guide. Another benefit is that the photos are displayed on the guide instead of by clicking on the vehicle and getting taken to the wiki with the other DS guide.

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17 hours ago, Moe said:

This car is cheap, old, and is one that your character could borrow from their parents, grandma, uncle, etc. And that way, you don't have to RP your poor hood character owning a car at 18 or however old they are, and instead, borrowing a family member's car.

this made an impression. borrowing the family car or getting an old relative's car is how a lot of young drivers get transportation. id imagine that folks in their autumn years would drive cars anywhere from the late 70s to the late 90s, so that's a good part of the guide

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