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Mateo ''Joker'' Lozano

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* Born in the streets of Davis, Mateo Lozano was raised in Strawberry Avenue, Born into poverty, abuse, and instability. Mateo was mostly raised by his Mexican mother, his father having a big absence in his life. Being raised by a single parent whose primary focus was working in order to get some financial stability always gave Mateo the urge to find attention and approval elsewhere, always finding himself in trouble and absurd situations in order to get some sort of attention.


Mateo Lozano attends Davis High, going to school daily, being asked to do so by his mother. He plays the ''clown'' role at school, acting up to teachers and pulling pranks, entertaining the other students with his own foolishness in a way to feel validated with the rest. After school times Mateo can be found hanging out with his friends or by himself on Strawberry Avenue, always finding new ways to make money. Due to Mateo's performance, he earned a nickname among his friends being called ''Joker'' because of his act and way of doing.

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