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[LSNN] Secretary of Labor Herbert Brennan: "The strength of our economy is in the small businesses and the middle class."

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Secretary of Labor Herbert Brennan: "The strength of our economy is in the small businesses and the middle class."



Los Santos, SA - On the 9th of April, 2021, at 3 pm, the LSNN team conducted an interview with Secretary of Labor of the State of San Andreas Herbert Brennan. This is the written version of the interview which was held on air, in the LSNN studio.



Dennis Sidwell and Herbert Brennan in the LSNN studio


Dennis Sidwell: Mister Brennan, welcome to the studio.


Herbert Brennan: Thank you for having me, Dennis. It is my pleasure to be able to speak on behalf of the Department of Labor in your show.


Dennis Sidwell: Mister Brennan, the elections are behind us, politicians, amongst other things, promised bringing more jobs too. Let's hear about it from your perspective.


Herbert Brennan: What I can say as a member of the Republican Party is that when it comes to labor policies and jobs we must embrace bipartisanship, and work productively to achieve the common goal - strong economy and sustainable working and middle class.


Dennis Sidwell: Is there a working class in San Andreas?


Herbert Brennan: Absolutely. As someone who has spent the last 35 years in the field of labor, various committees and councils, I can confidently say that there is a working class, right here in Los Santos, and across the State. One just needs to stop by the port, or check our other projects across the county.


Dennis Sidwell: Is the port attractive enough to people who are looking for a career?


Herbert Brennan: There's no doubt. We've created dozens of job openings. The respected unions have their union halls. We are working on the Labor Relationship Act which will define the unions and the worker's rights. It will protect the working man but also guarantee rights of the employer.


Dennis Sidwell: You've mentioned other projects too. Can you tell us more about those projects?


Herbert Brennan: Of course. On my initiative we engaged in the renewable energy project with Aurum Energies, resulting in more opportunities for the working man. We are engaged with construction companies on certain State-wide projects. The Department itself has its own program of subsidies and plans to help small businesses. Our motto is "We make it work."


Dennis Sidwell: Do you plan to take out a small portion of your budget and direct it towards new, small businesses?


Herbert Brennan: Not a small portion, but considerable one. I believe that the strength of our economy is in the small businesses and the middle class. We have programs that are encouraging small businesses led by one woman or more women. We have a program for our veterans. Enabling them to partake in their own business. We have our criteria, the process of public bidding, certain documentation that is required, but we are making a considerable effort into encouraging people to become self-sustainable.


Dennis Sidwell: What I consider an issue in San Andreas is when businesses such as coffee shops, bars, clubs, casinos and so on solely offer part-time jobs. Sometimes, I go for my favourite drink in my favourite bar and I see different bartenders every day. What can be done about it?


Herbert Brennan: I share your concerns. Unfortunately we as the Department can only go so far to create a base of what I call the seasonal workers. Temporary workers. Connect them with registered businesses. Now, regulating the very night life or entertainment industry is on the City of Los Santos. What we as the Department strive is to enable the common man to have a voice. To have his worker rights guaranteed, and his right to work. The Labor Act is looking into certain aspects brought up in your concern, but they remain on the field of labor. I'm confident that the City will find a way to tackle this issue. That being said, we do look to encourage the private sector. To help it thrive. After all we are not social welfare, but we need to create a healthy environment for the private sector. And we are making a tremendous progress so far.


Dennis Sidwell: Senator Diana Jones said that there's more jobs than people. Do you agree?


Herbert Brennan: I have great deal of respect for Senator Jones, but as the new Chairwoman of Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee, I am sure our opinions will often clash. Just like on this topic. We need to create a healthy environment. We need more stable, self-sustainable jobs. The job industry is not the same like 30 years ago. It is ever evolving. We must adapt our economy and laws to those evolving changes. The issue is not the lack of jobs. We must create a healthy environment with plethora of specialized jobs. Whether they are plumbers, welders, crane operators, or doctors, engineers and so on. We must connect the people with their professions. We can't have a welder cleaning streets because there's no work in the construction industry. Or trucker working two nights in a row in a night club as a bouncer. Don't get me wrong. They are all entitled to do that. It's their right to work as much jobs as they can find, but that's not the goal. The goal is to create jobs that are self-sustainable in their respected professions. 


Dennis Sidwell: What's the next big project in the works? 


Herbert Brennan: We are considering several projects. At the time I'm not able to disclose them, but we plan to engage in a serious program of incentivisation across the State. I would talk about it in the studio again for the next major project. This Administration advocates transparency, and we aim to deliver that promise.


Dennis Sidwell: Brennan, thank you for coming down to the studio today.


Herbert Brennan: Thank you for having me, Dennis. It has been a pleasure.






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