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Tell me you play GTA:W without telling me you play GTA:W

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Hello everyone, concerned father here. Recently my 7 year old son discovered a video game after playing it on his computer. While i didn’t mind at first, it soon began to affect his character. Within a week, he had been screaming 'CODE 999 / RIOT IN PROGRESS, A POD’ in his sleep. When asked to do his homework, he called me a stupid father and said ‘’You probably in traffic division lol". His grades have been dropping heavily since that day and whenever i refuse to give him my credit card for  world points he threatens me saying "Don't test me boy, I'll put you in solitary confinement". Yesterday I entered his room to witness him screaming at his screen extremely loudly saying "TEC 1", he put a bunch of pillows in his shirt to make himself look big and now calls himself a “Supervisory staff”. He refuses to go to bible study unless we use a "Unmarked cruiser” to get there. I don’t know what that is but he refuses to take any form of transportation except that. Please I am so concerned, what do I do?

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On 5/3/2021 at 9:09 AM, Slimeball said:

I walked into a house and seen Paige Clemens, Morgan Frain and Astolfo Wilk on the couch having a lesbian threesome.

"Lesbian", yeah okay buddy.




I spend several hours a day writing a character who's ulimate goal of the night is just dying at the end of my session.

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I own seven businesses, identify as a lesbian, I wear cat ears and yet - I am affiliated with the Russian, Chechen, Italian, American and Jewish Mob. I can also turn into a full blown hitman and murder someone within the blink of an eye, because I have developed my character for three thousand hours.

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They denied the ccw app as I shouldn't have that as a pornstar, the nice officer adviced me to instead carry a blade on me for self defense as he did some research and many in the industry do so apparently

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