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⛵⚓ Los Santos Marina Yacht Club | "Upward & Windward" ⛵⚓

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Since its construction and start of operation in  February 1941 to date, Los Santos Marina Yacht Club has established itself as the first world-class marina in Los Santos.

Each new service and installation that LSMYC has been putting, and will make available to its members and guests, has served, due to its highly functional characteristics, exclusivity, quality and distinction, so that an increasingly important group of new members adheres to your proposal of good taste and enjoyment of the sea, reaching as of February 2020 more than 20 members out of a total of  100 members, and 4 corporate partners, established by our statutes.

With our Club House, with complete facilities and services and an interior architecture that impresses in the best way and that will make a difference with other clubs, LSMYC consolidates its well-earned image as the one benchmark of the state's first-level club.






  1. No weapons allowed inside the clubhouse or surroundings (security is allowed)
  2. Attire must be at all times formal  - polos, suits, pants, shorts, and closed shoes are allowed.
  3. If an event is announced and you are to dress accordingly (as ruled depending on the event)
  4. Be respectful to all stakeholders.
  5. You are not eligible for a refund once paid & signed for the membership of LSMYC or Pegasus.
  6. You are eligible to a kick with no refund from the club if you do not keep up with our set standards.
  7. Respect leased equipment from the club
  8. Punctually pay your installment and any other accounts pending against the Company Treasurer.
  9. Observe and respect all that is provided in these Statutes and the Internal Regulations, as well as abide by and comply with the agreements made by the Board of Directors, General Assembly and other organs of the Company.
  10. Present your membership card, when requested by any authority of the Company (Security, Managers, Directors, Receptionists, and Hosts).
  11. Ensure the good use and protection of the Club's facilities.
  12. Report to the Club authorities any improper act of which you are a witness. Contribute to the good behavior of the members.
  13. Ensure the good name of the Los Santos Marina Yacht Club.
  14. Maintain respect for the other members and guests of the Club, as well as its administrative and management bodies.
  15. Inform the Club administration of the civil status changes, both of the member and of their dependents, in a period not exceeding seven (7) days from the change.
  16. Inform the Club administration of the birth of the children and the fulfillment of their legal age, within a period not exceeding seven (7) days.
  17. Inform the Club administration of changes to your personal data.
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