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- one of the unmarked black cabs, circa 2021


BLACK CABS - FastTravel Ltd.


The Black Cabs company was founded early 2021 by a freelancer cab driver.


The company works on a system similar to car-sharing, but also as a traditional cab company. The calls will be picked up by our drivers and once the customer is picked up, we'll input the address and let them know upfront what their ride will cost based on the distance to the destination point.


We do not monopolise the so-far trademark livery. Officially registered "black cabbers" will be listed on our page. We distance ourselves from any other similar company.


Contrary to the popular belief, we are not undercover/unmarked police units.


Business registration code: 077/MAR/21




The calls will be picked up either from the standard taxi mainframe or the line at: 6831-4340.



  • Quick and safe transport to the destination.
  • Universal $7 cost per kilometer - both inside and outside the city. ((Considering an hour-long shift provides $4,000 from the government, we aim to provide realistic costs and avoid using the /fare meter altogether.))
  • Clean vehicles both inside and outside.
  • Discrete transport - we are using unmarked vehicles for those that might not want to be seen riding a usual cab.
  • Polite drivers.




  • At least 18 years old.
  • Little to no past experience in the field. In today's age, the GPS is a life-saver.
  • A working smartphone to be able to access the application.
  • Taxi license - we can offer a $5,100 loan over a two (2) weeks period so you may be able to get licensed.
  • Ability to drive within the traffic laws and regulations without bringing the company a bad reputation.
  • Ability to maintain the vehicle in a highly presentable shape. No damages and spotless clean.
  • No extensive/severe criminal record.
  • A $2,000 quota/tax paid by Sunday. We will provide a cab and anything earned over this quota during the week is kept by the driver. Maintenance covered by the company, fuel by the employee.
  • ((Radios need to be roleplayed realistically and only within the cabs.))



Date of birth:
Phone number:
Do you possess a valid driving license?:
Do you have any criminal record?:
Do you agree to the $2,000 weekly quota/rental fee?:
((Discord name: ))

I, <insert firstname lastname>, understand that I must represent the company to the best of my ability, maintain the car(s) in a highly presentable fashion and that I am fully accountable for the cab given to me as an employee and agree to return it in good shape upon leaving the company or being fired. ((Also returning the vehicle in the event of getting CKed or similar situations - the car must be returned in whichever scenario)).
<Insert date here> <Insert signature here>


Please send this to our PO box ((forum PM)).

OFFICIAL BLACK CABBERS (excepting administrative roles):

  • Michael DeFede
  • Anthony DiPietro



((OOC Note:

This is a more or less legitimate front established by members of the Agani Car-Theft Ring. The rides will be roleplayed to the full extent and we expect the employees to uphold a good standard of roleplay. Mobsters need nine to five jobs too.


Cabs provided by the company will need to be returned, if asked for, or upon leaving the company. Namechanging and any other IC/OOC scenario that leads to the cab mysteriously vanishing will be treated as a scam and handled appropriately via the forums. This condition is automatically considered accepted and will be made known once signing up as an employee.


Employees should log in and play about three four times a week. Inactive employees would have to return the vehicles to more active members. It's only fair to do so.


Once we develop, we will expand to other vehicles.))

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Posted (edited)

One position has opened up. We are currently not hiring. This will be updated as soon as an opening is available.

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