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[LSNN] Reviews: Keystone Music; a new music store that unites

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Reviews: Keystone Music; a new music store that unites




Los Santos, SA - A quiet and peaceful suburb called Spanish Avenue has a new music store with two very charismatic owners, looking to serve the city's rich music community. They couldn't be any more thrilled to bring their long-lasting vision to life. The store owners may be a very fundamental part of the scene anytime soon. 



Keystone Music


Keystone Music already has a great range of goods from guitars, pianos to mixing consoles. From iconic vinyls to underground mix-tapes. There's also many services they can offer. Rent a studio and have a great time with talented and open-minded professionals. A studio that has been used by many local musicians and is renowned for it's qualities.


The main concept the store is presenting is to create a place where an exchange of ideas, knowledge and opinions can happen. The key component Keystone Music will soon offer is the possible promotional support including carrying local musicians' merchandise, playing local music through the store sound system or even helping with booking if needed.


“Keystone Music can be whatever the Los Santos music community needs it to be." One of the owners, Payton Coleman, said. "It might feel like any other musical retail shop on the surface, but on the bottom it can be a music industry resource. Our store can be a million things."


“We want local bands’ music to play in the store,” the second owner, Carter Williams, said. “We want local bands’ merchandise to sell. We are very proud to enrich our community.”


Rating: 10/10






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Username: Phatman42069
Comment: I bought a 12.000+ signed guitar from there, and I don't regret it all!!!! 100% recommend the store. 

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