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All factions must make a thread in the War Logs forum with the title being their faction name.


Whenever a faction initiates hostile action that would realistically result in further death, such as repeated instances of attack, a conflict log must be filed by that initiating party in their War Log thread. A faction which has faced numerous instances of attack by a party may file a defensive action log to record their allies and give their own perspective of the attack, but a defensive action log is only necessary if the defending party wishes to involve allies.


Only one war log per war should be posted. We do not need a running narrative of an entire war, just a single post detailing your faction's wars.


Unofficial groups need not file hostile action logs or defensive action logs, but factions must file these logs when initiating action against an unofficial group.


Offensive War



Target Faction or Group: ENTER HERE

Date Initiated: ENTER HERE

Co-belligerents: ENTER HERE

Offensive Allies (limit of 3): ENTER HERE

Mercenaries (limit of 10): ENTER HERE

Objectives (when needed): ENTER HERE

Summary of Reasons for Initiating (only initiating): ENTER HERE



If a faction has hostile action taken against them, they could reply to their topic (optionally) with the following format:




Defensive War Log


Attacking Faction or Group: ENTER HERE

Date Initiated: ENTER HERE

Defensive Allies (limit of 5): ENTER HERE

Mercenaries (limit of 10): ENTER HERE

Summary of Reasons for Attacks: ENTER HERE



This will easier facilitate wars and allow us to keep tabs on faction conflicts much easier.

Edited by Bospy
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