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Disallow child characters

Rhy Rhy

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Characters must be at least 16 years old. The only exception to this rule is if you make a character with the intent on getting involved with a gang faction. This is to allow more realistic recruitment for gangs as they typically target teenagers for recruitment. These characters are allowed to be no younger than 12 years old.

Simple suggestion really. Remove the option to play characters below the age of 18 as they are for the most part very poorly executed and used so people can just do really dumb shit like "u wOuLdN't kiLL a kID wOUld you???" when they are mugging you or running around doing dumb shit like flirting with adult characters which is generally uncomfortable to see happening.  I have hardly seen any examples of people playing it in a manner that is believable and half of the time its just used to power-game using the before mentioned argument to win encounters because they know somebody realistically would not retaliate.


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Seriously one of the best suggestions I've seen.


Why do they continue to allow child characters when in the far vast majority of cases they are used to just potray the lowest quality of roleplay the server has to offer? In the majority of these cases people are only using child characters for benefits in situations due to them being so young.


Allowing people to potray teenagers being inducted to gangs as realism was a novel idea, but it failed. It failed drastically. I'd wager that only 1% of child characters are done well, the rest are terrible.

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2 minutes ago, KaythPlus said:

Seriously one of the best suggestions I've seen.


Why do they continue to allow child characters when in the far vast majority of cases they are used to just potray the lowest quality of roleplay the server has to offer?


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I know only a few people on this entire server who pull off playing minors well. I feel bad that those people would be negatively affected by this because they are by far the exception and not the rule. And it would suck for them, honestly. But almost all child characters on GTA:W are awful and not even slightly believable. 


Look, I get it it, it's super realistic that street gangs are recruiting children, and that gangs are full of 14-16 year olds. I 100% get that, you're entirely right... but that doesn't mean we have to emulate that 1:1 on GTA:W. Not everything in real life has to be emulated on this server. From the criminal side of RP on this server, it's certainly true that most participants believe many aspects of real life should not be emulated on this server, such as 10+ year prison sentences for violent firearm offenses. I personally don't see why GTA:W can't go on just fine with all our gang members being 18 years old or older. It really would change virtually nothing besides getting rid of some bleak RP of "oh what horrible things am I making this child do on my orders? Oh right I don't give a shit because I'm a GTA:W character and it's FOR THE GANG ESE" which goes fucking nowhere.


We have backstories for our characters. We can say our characters did things before 18. Is it  a little awkward, realistically, for an 18 year old to join a street gang and say "oh yeah I used to thug with these cats in high school but they're all gone now." Sure. It is awkward. Everyone deals with some awkwardness with RP, it's part of the challenge, and it's what we have suspension of disbelief for. Fuck, man, if it's so hard, say your character's spent the last year or two in Juvenile Hall, no one actually gives a flying fuck it's all just a vehicle for you to RP going forward.


There's no good reason for <18 characters to be on the server. Sorry, there isn't. Anything you say you can do with a 16-year-old character, you can do with an 18-year-old character just as easily. The only difference is that we'd have a lot less gang-banging elite assassin child soldiers who are 6'4'' and tatted up wearing Gucci and slinging rocks, and a lot less forum reports about "OH, THIS <18 YEAR OLD CHARACTER TRIED TO FLIRT!" or "WOW THIS PERSON IS RPING 17 AND LOOK AT THEIR FACEBROWSER PICS."


Just take the problem out root and stem. This isn't Gang-Life Simulator. This is a modern day city RP server, and it should be no problem for every character to be 18 and older.

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16 minutes ago, Massacre said:

'i'm 13 you cant arrest me wtf'

The amount of times people try using their age against them being arrested or interrogated is ridiculous. A lot of the time it just ends up in an out of character argument as to whether or not it'd be realistic for deputies to be taking a kid into custody after they just blatantly committed a crime.


I have no doubt that there's only a very few amount of players who can realistically roleplay a kid under the age of eighteen but the overwhelming majority are just subpar and think their age is the key to a great getaway for anything they do. 

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4 minutes ago, Yoak said:

this post was made from the legal roleplayers of the server

Sorry that we're trying to stop you from making characters that act like an adult in every single way including sexually, physically, threateningly, and so on. All up until it comes to punishment. Then suddenly you're in /b about how the character is just a child and the reaction isn't right 🤡


Funny how rarely you see people include how young their child character is in /me's when buying alcohol and doing things that would negatively impact them if they're a child. But as soon as its advantageous to be a young innocent child like when police turn up. Bet your ass that's in their /me's and general roleplay.

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Please yes. When people playing underaged characters are making and distributing "big booty hot short" mods for their gangs, that's a bridge too far.


It's not worth the liability for the server.

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