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GTAW 2.0 & Rage 1.1 release date announcement

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Credits to @LaceUpBrah &  @Shvag for the video !


The final deployment of Rage 1.1 will be performed the 09/04/2021 at 9:00 PM CET.

It gives us 10 more days to fix some bugs that you have all founds during these 2 days of test sessions, and Rage is also releasing an update to bring you clientside mods back on 1.1 before the 9th of April!


Most of the 1.1 issues have already been fixed today, and we still have a few to fix until the 9th.


@Oggy and the modding team have been preparing a 1.5Gb update of clothes to use with Rage 1.1, as I don't wish to stress them, the clothing pack might not be fully ready for the release, and we still need to stresstest it for crashes. It will come very soon after though! Oggy keeps claiming it'll be ready before, but who knows !


With 1.1 API allowing us to sync NPCs better, we're also going to be working on a new animal script, starting with a revamp of the pet script to improve their synchronization.


We've got a huge amount of exciting features coming in the next months with the economy / money laundering update, drug changes, animals, new clothes & much more that we can't wait to share with you!

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