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1.1 - Ragdoll on Wounded and Dead states.

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Short description: Ragdoll players who enter the wounded or dead state, eliminating the current forced and clunky downed/dead animations.


Detailed description: With 1.1 comes synced ragdolls, these synced ragdolls - if not perfect - being a great replacement for the current clunky implementation of animated wounded states we use now.


An example of the clunky animations - this was taken from the 1.1 session yesterday:



As you can see from the video above the moment the player loses their health and enters the "wounded" state they begin to ragdoll but are frozen in place and forced to animate, creating this weird gap between the moment they're wounded and the time they react - the same thing happens when being shot and killed.


Here's two examples of 1.1's ragdoll sync taken from test footage and what we could expect with ragdolls over animations:






Commands to add: N/A


Items to add: N/A


How would your suggestion improve the server? It would lead to a smoother, more authentic but most importantly more enjoyable experience when it comes to anything conflict related.


Additional information: Despite this suggestion itself I do feel animations are important in certain situations and players should still have the choice AFTER being ragdolled to animate in a wounded state if they so wish so hey, I'll plug my other thread:


excuse any typos or horrible wording, I got no sleep last night




To add to this we already have systems in place that ragdoll the player, these normally being for beanbag shotguns and tasers but I could see working great with the proposed suggestion above.


Here's two examples of what we already have on the server that's now synced with 1.1 and could be ported over as a replacement for the current wounded and dead states:



thanks to @ChromaticDeathfor blasting me in the back.



thanks to @Glitchfor unconsensually providing the footage

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