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Faith White

Faith has never known a city other than Los Santos, born and raised. She lived a good life with her two parents in a luxurious house in Rockford Hills. Her mother, a business woman, leading human resources of a large distribution company. Her father working an honest, yet well paying job as a trucker.
Faith would be often left at home with a babysitter after her attendance from school during her early years, even going into her premature teens, both her parents were hardworking and didn't have much time for her, though even at a young age, she respected them for the life they had given her.

Faith turns 13 years old.


She became close with her babysitter known as "Sandra" over a couple of years, she wasn't the nicest person in the world, but she kept Faith the most company, she almost thought of her as her second mother.

One night, in the early hours, Faith wakes up screaming frantically, Sandra comes bursting into her room, completely shocked and amiss at what she sees before her.


Sandra does what she can to console Faith, sitting next to her and wrapping her arms around her in a tight embrace, after about ten minutes of coddling, Sandra lays Faith back down and tucks her in, not long after, Faith closes her eyes and she falls back asleep.




She stops attending school, becomes increasingly underweight and has multiple psychotic episodes taking dark turns, taking knives from the kitchen and self harming, often screaming out at no one.

About two months later, on a dark, cold night, she sleep walks into the kitchen and yet again, manages to find a large knife from the kitchen, regardless of Sandra's best efforts to hide them. Her arms slack against her sides, her eyes barely open as she slowly and creepily makes her way into her parents room, with a creek of the door slowly opening, she shuffles steadily towards her parents bed, the two soundly asleep from a long, hard day at work, she comes to a stop at the bedside, knife loosely kept in hand.


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Backstory Pt.2


Faith's mother opens her eyes and sees her daughter stood at her bedside with a large knife held by her side, she shoots out of bed and firmly backhands Faith, Faith snaps into reality and looks extremely confused as to where she is and what shes doing here.

Faith's mother wakens her husband in a sense of urgency and horror, they both drag her into her room and lock her inside, Faith at this point, has no idea what's happening to her or why she was in her parents room holding a knife, she can only assume... it was her.


The sun rises after a couple of hours and Faith is let out of her room, a conversation ensues with her and her parents, all sides trying to understand what happened. Faith insists that it wasn't her but that it was her, her parents both terrified and angry. About an hour passes after the talk and Faith completely loses her mind, climbing out of her window and running away from home. A full two days pass during this time until she finally returns to her front door.



She sleeps there that night, outside by the back door, in mere hopes that they would be home when she awoke, however...
She waited, and waited some more, she waited a full two days for her parents to return home, they did not.


Faith becomes homeless, doing what she can to get by day to day, checking her house for her parents every day for months, until she finally gives in and comes to terms that they've abandoned her, moved out of Los Santos even though not to her knowledge.

She continues to roam the streets, living life as a street rat, resorting to stealing food just to keep herself alive. She does her best to keep low and under the radar of the many dangers encompassing Los Santos.

Faith's imaginary "friend" gets all the stronger in her mind the more time she spends alone with the personality, twisting her very mind to it's will, bending things mentally that should never be tampered with, she struggles daily to maintain her sanity.

((This image is merely a representation of Faith's struggles with her imaginary friend, it is by no means directed to anything OOCly. If this image upsets you then this character thread may not be for you as more scenes of mental health struggles are sure to come.))

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