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Do you keep GTA World a secret from your friends / family?


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I do not hide it, I sometimes show my family members whats going on ingame.

Only positive feedback is what I've got, they know that roleplaying was a major part of my gaming experience.
English skills, typing efficiency and more creativity is what roleplaying has contributed to me.

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no. it's a don't ask don't tell scenario but i already told my brother i have fun playing here. ain't no shame in roleplaying, when you play any game at all, you're immersing yourself as that char, i mean why do you think people invest in high end rigs? apart from mining or sims?

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My internet friends know, mainly because I met them all through RP servers. A few IRL friends know what GTA World is, but don't understand the extent of my character development, roleplay abilities, etc. Whenever they see me playing on Discord they assume I'm just playing vanilla GTA V. My brother does know because he used to RP on an old server with me on SAMP, but he's gotten more into Rocket League, OSRS, and games like that. 


I tried explaining it to my ex-girlfriend when we were both "under the influence" and I was on admin duty on my old server, she didn't understand it at all, but I doubt she would have if she was sober.

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I had a good friend that used to play a lot of SA:MP, we've have had a lot of characters, we almost went through every ethnicity there is. He went to HS and told his peers about his stories and events that we went through from a first-person perspective, avoiding telling them it was a game.


It got so bad that other parents told their kids to stop conversating with him because they believed he had multiple personality disorder.

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My friends doesn't really understand the idea behind this. However, since I live with my girlfriend she knows all about it and since we've been dating for like four years now she doesn't care. She does make fun of me for roleplaying a female officer, often mocking me it's expected though. If it wasn't for us living together she would never find out. 



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Im not really hiding it, but Im not actively talking about it either, and honestly neither to my friends. In the past there was a forum of the server PRRP which wasn’t set to private, and bullies from back in high school started googling my YouTube name. They stumbled upon character Katherine Reid, and the entire forum including my posts. It was humiliating, and that year was hell.


Ever since then I keep it hidden in a neutral way, and at this moment there is only one friend who knows that I roleplay and even what I roleplay. We even get some good talks out of it! When I informed him about the CK of my character Luna Santiago, we started talking about the gang culture and MS13 and thats really cool.


So far he is the only one that knows Im roleplaying to this day. He shows interest and thats enough for me to comfortably disclose it to him 🙂 

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