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Do you keep GTA World a secret from your friends / family?

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Hey there!

I have always been curious, do you tell your friends that you play GTA World. I mean like, your closest friend group, the group you hangout with every day.. 

For me, I kept my Roleplaying games (Roblox, Habbo, and now GTA World) classified since 2012. Until yesterday.

My friends made fun of me for it, I expected no less xD. Curious on if you guys keep it under wraps, or if you're proud of it!

Your friend,


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Ill be honest; I use to be super embarrassed throughout my childhood, worrying some of my classmates to find my YouTube channel. Even had one of my closest friends at the time, when I uploaded a vi

I'm beaten ruthlessly by gangs of men in varsity jackets and sunglasses the moment I leave my home. Thanks GTAW, you've ruined my life.

My family is a bit too boomer to understand the concept of what I do on my computer with my mouse when I pointy point and clicky click. I don't go out of my way to hide it, nor do I go out of my way to explain everything, if they ask, they'll get the boomer-type explanation to everything I'm doing. 

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4 minutes ago, Lop said:

I'm sorry you have such lame/judgemental family and friends.


Tbh that's a bit rude to say to him. My own friends had their laughs about the game too. It's just not as common as you would think, especially the type of RP we do for GTA in terms of heavy roleplay. I wasn't bullied and it wasn't something they kept picking at, but generally people won't understand the fun of roleplaying unless they try it out. 

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Just now, Lop said:

I mean, having a laugh is different than apparently literally shaming a person into keeping their hobbies a secret because they're afraid of being judged. I'd say that's at least judgemental.


Not to drag this as a back and forth but it didn't appear that he was being shamed for it. His situation seems very similar to mine when I told (and showed) my friends the game.

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Posted (edited)

For clarity, my friends consistently poke fun at me for playing GTA World. To be fair, my friends and I were HUGE into highschool football and parties, and would be the literal definition of a "popular" clique. They seem to find more satisfaction in Black Ops Cold war than Rping, as there is a stigma around Roleplaying. 

I am not hurting on the inside or anything, I am a GEOmatics and Satellite Engineer, who will make more money in one year than they will in five. They just sit at home, smoke weed and play video games all day xD. 

At the end of the day, it just poked my curiosity! 😄

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I don't hide it from my friends, but I don't feel the need of telling them about it either, not everybody gets the concept of RP and I understand that.


It's not like that I'm ashamed of doing it, neither I'm proud. I just like it I guess and as long as I do I will keep doing it.

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