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Attach bicycles to the back of cars

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Short description: Be able to attach a bicycle to the back of your vehicle for transport.

Detailed description: Similar sort of deal to attaching vehicles to the flatbed but instead it would attach to the back of any reasonable vehicle that could have a bike rack on the back (Or top). 

Commands to add: /attachbiketop, /attachbackrear

Items to add: None

How would your suggestion improve the server?  This would allow people who enjoy taking their bicycles to the beach or into LS county to transport them without having to ride them all the way out there. It will also provide an opportunity for PD/SD to attach patrol bikes to cars to use it as a temporary patrol function and increase face to face roleplay instead of them being bound to an area like Vespucci and unable to respond to anywhere else if needed.

Additional information: Hopefully it could be an easy adaptation of the command used to attach cars to flatbeds. If this is not doable, I would ask that people are able to have a command to spawn/tp their bicycles when beside their vehicle with the appropriate roleplay.


Example pictures of RL: 






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It has been discussed many times on how to roleplay around transport of bicycles, may it be in the back of a van/truck or with a rack to hang your bicycle to on the back of your car or on top of it, even. It would be a lovely addition to add this option to the server rather than having to rely on despawning/spawning the bike and /fixveh - as this is the only option right now outside of driving a bicycle across half the map.

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Supported. If development can find a way to some how attach objects to vehicles such as a bicycle etc, or even a command to put a bicycle in a trunk of a truck would be pretty nice as well. 

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Yes please. Apparently an admin can do this and I guess it works simmilarly to the flatbed script? (Don’t quote me on that)


Either way, I feel like this should be added since it’s a nice touch being able to transport the bike, rather than doing /fixveh all the time, or doing a /report to get it unattached or attached for that matter.



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Really interesting idea, definitely in support. Also, as far as I'm concerned it's already possible to add those racks to some certain vehicles (particularly SUVs) at the mechanic garages, no clue if it's possible to add custom "tuning" but perhaps the modding team could look into adding a bunch of transport racks for other vehicles and make them accessible in the garages.

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