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Dimitri "Dima" Lazovsky

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Dimitri "Dima" Lazovsky


Dimitri is a male in his late twenties, born and raised in a local city near Moscow called Kolomna. He lived with his overprotecting parents and his brothers Konstantin and Yorika. A family with a simple goal, to survive. Yorika was the biggest brother of the three and the main source of income to the family. Yorika was affiliated with a local gang, dedicated to frauds, drug and gun trafficking. One day, a drug deal didn't go as planned with their brother, Yorika, being shot to death. After their brother's death, Dimitri stayed calm and had no other thought than how to feed his family along with his brother Konstantin which was not so calm, as he was seeking vengeance on his brother's killers. Their parents ,as mentioned before, were overprotecting which lead to them being emotionally and psychologically attached to their remaining sons. These circumstances led the brothers take things into their own hands. This was when Dimitri found out that his calmness and his brain could be really helpful at jacking cars, as he could hear the noise from the lock and knew where to stop. The car-jacking skills compared with his brother's skills in metallurgy made them a perfect duo and both of them made a living out of it. They continued to do that for their life in the village and making just enough to survive. Due to their brother's actions, they had a bad reputation and were frequently evolved in conflicts within the area of Kolomna. Their father died in a car accident, but police still suspects that it was pre-planed. After a long time, their mother passed away and they had no reason to say at that small village. They moved around Europe, and continued to make a living out of car jacking. After all that happened his life, as his brother, he developed a form of PTSD, which has psychological and emotional numbness and depression. Always trying to move forward, he and his brother came to the United States (Los Santos) making enough to afford an apartment with his brother and gas for their cars. 


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