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Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic

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Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic is opening soon on Route 68 in Harmony   ((Video produced by celestialrage. Thank you!)) We provide all pet care services, including core an

Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic Surgical and Dental   When your best friends need surgical or dental care, we treat them in our state-of-the-art surgical facility. When we've fin

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13 hours ago, ecstasy said:

What're your opening hours?

Hello, we're still working it out, mostly weekends at the moment. Some week nights too.


But if you call the business number, Nayeli is usually (always) inclined to open for people when they need it too!

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Veterinary Clinic

Thank you so much to Maverick, who runs the LS 4x4 club, for finding and bringing a gun-shot injured fawn to us for treatment. Your quick actions have undoubtedly saved her life. We've named her "Noel" and she's currrently resting in our post-surgical recovery area. 




Quinn, one of our vet-techs, will watch over her tonight.


I'll be calling a deer sanctuary tomorrow, and when Noel is well enough to be moved, we'll take her there for a new life.


Nayeli ❤️


Please don't hesitate to call our injured wildlife hotline if you find animals in need: 412 59 810



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