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Southside Criminal Connection

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The group participates mainly in forgery, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and grand theft auto. It is unclear how they are structured, however, it seems that a high degree of flexibility and independence is allowed within the group, as affiliates can go months without even communicating. Furthermore, the group seems to immediately drop connections with convicted felons, as seen with ██████████████████ (b)(6).  Multiple potential money mules are currently under financial surveillance.


While affiliates of the group such as Tanner Davis have been seen in the past involved in drug sales, it seems that for the most part the group does not actively engage in illegal drugs and as such unlike previous suggestions — as seen in reports ████████████ and ████████████ (b)(7)(A) — is not subject to being a Continuing Criminal Enterprise under section 848 of Chapter 13, Subchapter I, Part D.





Avondre Roberson — ULSA alumnus. Suspicion of tax evasion and complex shelling schemes. Name was among the many listed in the second Panama Papers released in 2027. Numerous transactions occurred between shell companies stationed in Panama. Often accompanied by his cousin Carter Williams and Payton Coleman.


Tanner Davis — Suspicion of vehicle theft and robbery. Phone location history surveillance show multiple overlaps between possible location and stolen vehicles' last GPS locations. CCTV along with physical monitoring show him in constant presence of Khalid Turner, Quantavius Chambers and Jay-Jay Firebird. 




The majority of the individuals listed attended Davis High as the initial P.O.C. It is suspected that as early as 2022 the group had initiated in fraud (refer to case #██████ — acquired from the Los Santos Sheriff's Department).




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This faction aims to portray an entirely fictional, highly organized cellularly structured group. This means that different people are partnered up with others that match their skillsets. Many things are taught IC'ly, as the leaders of this faction are academic. The faction aims to be even more organized than governmental organizations (LSPD, LSSD, etc), which is surprisingly easier than it sounds. At the time of posting, the organized nature of the group has yet to form. Development is done entirely IC.





If you're looking for the following, this isn't the faction for you:


  1. Shootouts of any nature.
  2. High risk high reward situations (robbery, breakins, etc) — There are very few minor exceptions and only a highly select amount of people will even be allowed to perform these actions.
  3. High adrenaline situations.
  4. Joining a criminal organization immediately.
  5. Committing crimes anywhere within a week of interacting with us. — There can be some exceptions depending on the situation and need.



The entire concept of this faction is based on the idea that education along with preparation pay off. We like to take our time. You're literally going to end up being taught things IC before you're even allowed to commit any sort of crime. If you're calculated, tactical, patient and willing to learn, you're a perfect addition already. As such, it may take a considerable amount of time before you even commit a crime (given the need for planning and preparation on the architect's part, and the need to establish that you're reliable both IC and OOC). Being a felon is might as well be as good as a game over for your character, none of us have any reason to even continue actively being in the presence of a felon who has a caution code (unless if it makes sense IC to still have you around), so keep that in mind.





The faction is structured in a way so that OOC leadership matters very little. You have one or more partners (up to 3) and we encourage you to consistently roleplay with your partner(s). You're your own people, responsible for yourselves. The "IC faction leadership" is merely a group of individuals that creatively plan ways of making money, then they teach you any required skillsets to get it done, or get you in touch with people that can teach you, let you know what the plan is, and the rest is all you. 


That being said, it is clear then that everyone represents the faction. Thus, we've developed an extremely simple aptitude test that checks for these skills:


  1. Reaction time (reading and typing).
  2. Comprehensive capacity.
  3. Grammatical proficiency.
  4. Efficiency (capacity to perform intended tasks).


The aptitude test is entirely in game, and symbolized through in character emotes. More information regarding how we test people that are interested in joining is in the faction discord (click me). WE DO NOT HAVE ANY FORMS OF OOC RECRUITMENT WHATSOEVER

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