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Allow players to /highlight multiple players.

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Short description: Allow players to highlight multiple players.


Detailed description: Having a character in the LSFD, I've come across situations where multiple FD members as well as multiple victims were involved. Needless to say, this was a mess on all sides to get a proper RP done. I've used the /highlight command, but it only works on one person.
EMTs usually work in a duo or even with more EMTs involved on one patient, meaning this can be confusing even with the highlight set on said patient. My suggestion would to allow /highlight to be put on multiple people at the same time, allowing for more than one people to be highlighted with the pink "[!]" and the pink colored /me's and /do's. To turn it off, simply use /highlight clear or /highlight off.


Commands to add: None, just a modification of the current /highlight to allow more than one person.


Items to add: None.

How would your suggestion improve the server? This is a basic QoL addition, allowing for less confusion on large scenes and better understanding of what's going on sometimes.


Additional information: Sorry if this was suggested already, but "highlight" returned no results in a search. 

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I completely agree with this, additionally, I'd really like the idea of also somehow highlighting normal /t chat, I think that would be very much appreciated especially when scenes get very crowded and when you are treating a patient or only speaking to one person.

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Yes please! Even in general RP, like if you are with a group of friends at a club or a busy event, typically IRL you would zone in and hear your "group" or see them easier then the mass crowd.


This is a much needed QOL improvement, especially for those of us (and it's not just me, i have spoken to numerous friends and people) who struggle in the larger player count areas.

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Posted (edited)

The last few days proved once again that this is really a necessary addition for proper roleplay on crowded scenes, and it impacts not only one faction or anything but the entire playerbase. 

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Cant agree enough, especially with the above statement. I'm in both PD and FD, and I can't overstate the number of times that I could have used this. Additionally, the existence of the /highlight command should be made more known. If you ask me it should be put in the tutorial.

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