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On 11/21/2021 at 3:22 AM, books said:



Ghost Guns: Vespucci raid highlights the difficulties of keeping up with Los Santos' firearms


Los Santos’ perennial affliction with gang crime has a visible impact on almost every corner of the city and the busy back streets leading off the city’s famous beach make up one the Los Santos’ many hotspots of gang activity. The collapse of two notable Sureno gangs (Goma-13 and Vespucci-13) following targeted arrests made by the LSSD Operation Safe Streets gang unit brought the area some respite from gang related violence, but the recent break-in and subsequent firearms seizures has concerned authorities of what what has been described as a “resurgence” of gang activity in the area. 


“About a year ago, Vespucci was flooded with violence...  we, Operation Safe Streets, we put an end to those violent gangs by taking out their leadership.” - Det. Leroy Miles, LSSD OSS




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