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[www.localcryptids.com] "THE BAG MAN,"

Montana Fats

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Username: kabuki

Comment: Some say the Bagman only appears when someone has been murdered on Mount Gordo, and he will seek his next victim until the clock strikes midnight on the following Sunday.

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Username: BAGS Galore

Comment: YOUR OFFER IS WAITING 💰 Congratulations !!  You have been selected 💰 You have been selected to win an exclusive SUPREME VERSACE GUCCI Bag (Real World Value of $90,000!!!!) 🙈😲💵  Click HERE to claim your prize!!!! 💰 (( If you roleplay clicking this link, you see a page that simply says 404 Not Found and your device downloads a virus. In a few days time, your device is locked with an image claiming that the FBI has seized your device due to you viewing illicit illegal materials on the internet and you must purchase $5,000 in pre-paid Visa Giftcards to rectify the situation. You must /banktransfer $5,000 to Harvey Caruso in order to save your device. ))

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