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Logan - Commit (prod. Jammy)

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Catch Magnolia at the Vinewood Bowl february 27th at 8PM

im off these drugs might aswell fucking lace the shit
i feel like im done breathin i aint with that shit
ima pull up to ur crib ima fuck and dip
cause i dont love u i dont wanna commit

no u dont love me cus i do not permit that shit
ima pull up to ur crib ima fuck and dip
u see that im signed so u think that im rich
now u wanna be in my phone my line u wanna hit
but im way too faded i cant pick up that shit
alone in the crib with some shadows and they playing tricks
my mind been gone when she left it didnt help at all
my mind been gone feel like im in an empty hall
surrounded by some echos that i shouldnt even hear anymore
i think that im seeing ghosts baby come save me from
my mind
thats my only real enemy
tryna stay out that shit but its getting harder now

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