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Tokyo Strip 小東京


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This group aims to portray a realistic Japanese American community focusing on individual development. Anybody interested in roleplaying Japanese or residing around the Little Tokyo area is more than welcome to join this faction. Given the history of Little Tokyo and it's roots stemming back to Japanese American internment, we are currently only allowing third or fouth generation Japanese Americans. This means that first generation Japanese immigrants will only be allowed to players who have been approved to do so by leadership of the faction. With this, we ask that new members heavily consider joining with the format of American First name, Japanese Last name (John Watanabe, for example).


The faction accommodates almost all and any form of developmental roleplay both legal and illegal. The long term goal of this faction is to focus on having a combination of criminal and legal roleplay developing within the community. We ask that all members focus on maintaining realistic character development that falls in line with the server continuity rules.


We reserve the right to CK any member who plans on partaking in the illegal side of this faction. This punishment won't be dished out unless the severity of the issue warrants it. It is asked of you to send me a forum PM agreeing to said CK rights before diving too far into the illegal side of things.


Please direct all questions or requests to the following discord: Gucci#6942

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