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Nothing But Hustlers

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Nothing But Hustlers is a fictional concept. Us as a group, we concentrate mainly on quality over quantity in all perspectives. In this concept, we always focus on our development, which conclusively connects the faction. Before joining, I advise you to do some research on Los Angeles or any other African-American illegal criminal organizations. When role-playing around the faction, your character should have some type of valid reason for hanging out around the group. Most of the time, the character grew up on the block with somebody associated with the group, attended schools in the neighborhoods Nothing But Hustlers supplies, may have relatives or family members involved in other gangs and therefore already knows how things go down in the area.
Approaching the faction may seem hard, but some things to take in and think about will make the process a whole lot easier than it looks. The faction consists of most American time zone members (GMT -4 to GMT -8), but don't panic; we usually are active all day on the weekends or during the week. We'll be on for about four-six hours max. So outsiders should keep in mind that you will probably catch us in-game no matter what time zone you are in. Every day is different, so our "peak" or "main" times cannot be specified.

GBfOcNA.jpgCharacter development plays a heavy role in this faction, and we also expect high roleplay standards from our members. The minimum ages that we recommend people starting would probably between 18 and 24. Start slow, and from the bottom, take your time to develop your character correctly. People don't end up on the block and turn into hardened thugs after an hour of hanging out, and it's just not like that unless it was a family generation thing. Also the leadership of NBH @Trap-Money Scooby & @slim. suggests that members be affiliated in gangs/communities associated with NBH.



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Hey everyone, this is the leadership of Nothing But Hustlers. We started this concept with the idea of making a two man gun/drug trafficking group, to showcase roleplay that myself @Trap-Money Scooby & @slim.create on a daily basis. Within a few months, the faction grew from two people to five people. A few weeks later the faction continuously kept increasing which is always a good thing. Starting as a two man faction is never easy, it was a long road to where we are today.




With that being said, we are at the middle stage of NBH. We have reached a milestone, and with this accomplishment our goal is to keep going harder than ever before. So with that being said, we have decided to make this faction [INVITE ONLY]. The reasoning for this is to recruit members that actually have unique character ideas, people who can bring big ideas and long lasting roleplay to the faction. We thought long and hard about this, but we knew that it’ll benefit the faction more.




1. Before being approved to join this faction, you will have to send either @Trap-Money Scooby or @slim. a brief resume on what your character will be, what is his/her motivation for being associated with NBH, and a brief biography, no more than (250 characters)


2. Upon being accepted into Nothing But Hustlers, you automatically give us your character’s CK perms, and the high council the rights to use these perms whenever we deem necessary.

3. Every member of this faction will only receive two warning strikes. These strikes are a way for us to discipline our members. Examples of strikes being given out : Breaking rules on the server, any sort of admin jails/bans on your (NBH Character Only) will result in strikes. We don’t tolerate rule breakers, trolls and so forth.

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