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Nothing But Hustlers

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Torian "SK" Mcclain on the left, circa 2021 - Dean Fletcher on the right, circa 2020

Origins - Chapter One, This is just the beginning

Everything started with Dean Fletcher’s father, Darnell Fletcher, aka Big Thunder Cat, a respectable street figure out of Vespucci Beach. Darnell was always known as a “get money nigga” as described by older members of the neighborhood. His presence alone was enough to fill up an entire room. Darnell was always seen as a leader in the streets because of the respect he gained earning money to contribute back into the community and always holding it down for the hood. Most remember Darnell for being a smooth guy, humbled and always looking for a way to better his community and his pockets.

Origins - Chapter Two, The Bigger Picture
Around 2011 Darnell, who had already been in the streets for about six plus years, Darnell was gaining too much attention in Vespucci Beach. The local law enforcement & FBI came together to bring a case against Darnell "Thunder Cat'' Fletcher & members of Darnell's group NBH, also known as (Nothing But Hustlers). They were watching his every movement, years prior Darnell suggested to other members of the community to create cliques and spread out throughout the entire city. But the thing is, Darnell was the smartest of all the individuals, he saw the bigger picture and wanted to expand outside of Vespucci into other parts of Los Santos, Davis, Carson, Rancho because he knew the drug market was wide open. 

NGorAn5.jpgThe Carson district is the roots of South Central, Los Santos: and traces back to the beginning of the 20th Century. A total of 10,297 residents lived in Caron’s district 0.64 square miles, according to the 2000 U.S. census — averaging 16.072 people per square mile, among the highest population densities in both the city and the county. The median age was 26, young for the city and the county, and the percentages of residents younger than age 18 were among the county's highest. There were 504 families headed by single parents; the rate of 24.1% was considered high for both the city and the county. Within the neighborhood, black people made up 48.4% of the population, while Latinos were 48,2%. Other ethnicities were white, 1.1%; Asian, 0.6%; and other, 1.7% Mexico and El Salvador were the most common places of birth for the 31.2% of the residents who were born abroad, about an average percentage for the city as a whole.


Origins - Chapter Three, Darnell's Downfall
While spreading his operation outside of Vespucci city limits, the heat increased on Darnell. The FBI had more than enough evidence to hit members of Darnell’s crew along with himself with - The CCE Statute makes it a federal crime for anyone to commit or conspire to commit a series of felony violations of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 when these acts are taken by five or more persons. A few months after a warrant was issued for Darnell Fletcher and members of the NBH. The entire group fled and went on the run to evade capture. They were caught three months later in Miami, Florida and extradited back to Los Santos to face trial for their crimes. Darnell was given 30 years as the kingpin of Nothing But Hustlers and is currently doing his time in Centralia Correctional Center, a medium security facility.


Origins - Chapter IV, The Next Generation  

After Darnell's arrest the NBH organization died out, members of the group split up and started to make their own crews and branch around Los Santos. Darnell had four kids, his oldest Dean Fletcher was an outstanding  young man, very smart and always admired his father and wanted to be involved to help his family business. Dean attended The University of Los Santos to legitimize his image, his father pulling the strings from prison. For a couple years Dean focused on school and continued to learn his father's tricks. Then he finally brought the crew back together. He knew he'd need help to run the crew, he recruited his younger cousin Torian "SK'' Mcclain, a highly respected E/S Blacc Bandit Crip member, the street connections that SK had mixed with the street smarts of Dean and his incarnated father would make a very unmatchable duo.


 Origins - Chapter V, Present Day
Dean & Torian invested their street money into starting a record label and legitimizing their income. This was Big Thunder Cat's plan, he knew with legal income flowing in could hide Dean and SK's lifestyle and keep them protected. Their first large purchase legally was a torn down studio in Pillbox, they split the cost and got it fully renovated. Kickdoor Records is currently twenty members strong and the company is funded strictly on illegal money. Members of NBH are mostly seen in Pillbox, they use the area as a stronghold.
SK serves as the enforcer for NBH, he handles the day-to-day operation for the group, he keeps everybody in check and meets with other gang members in Los Santos to continue to push the network that the group has built up over the last few months. Dean on the other hand controls all the organized crime within NBH, he controls the record label and the studio and all other legitimate revenue flowing in and out.


Nothing But Hustlers is a fictional concept. Us as a group, we concentrate mainly on quality over quantity in all perspectives. In this concept, we always focus on our development, which conclusively connects the faction. Before joining, I advise you to do some research on Los Angeles or any other African-American illegal criminal organizations. When role-playing around the faction, your character should have some type of valid reason for hanging out around the group. Most of the time, the character grew up on the block with somebody associated with the group, attended schools in the neighborhoods Nothing But Hustlers supplies, may have relatives or family members involved in other gangs and therefore already knows how things go down in the area.
Approaching the faction may seem hard, but some things to take in and think about will make the process a whole lot easier than it looks. The faction consists of most American time zone members (GMT -4 to GMT -8), but don't panic; we usually are active all day on the weekends or during the week. We'll be on for about four-six hours max. So outsiders should keep in mind that you will probably catch us in-game no matter what time zone you are in. Every day is different, so our "peak" or "main" times cannot be specified.


Character development plays a heavy role in this faction, and we also expect high roleplay standards from our members. The minimum ages that we recommend people starting would probably between 18 and 24. Start slow, and from the bottom, take your time to develop your character correctly. People don't end up on the block and turn into hardened thugs after an hour of hanging out, and it's just not like that unless it was a family generation thing. Also the leadership of NBH @Trap-Money Scooby & @slim. suggests that members be affiliated in
gangs/communities associated with NBH.


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Name: Torain McClain Alias(es): SK#10, Tiny Nacho Occupation/Status: # Active member of the Eastside Blacc Bandit Crip (ESBBC), and sells drugs & firearms with his older cousin Dean "Dee" Fletcher. DOB/AGE: 08/20/2000 (20 years old)
Reputable For: Known to be a bag chaser, he is always seen in expensive new clothing, ready to go on any sort of robbery & overall is about $$$$
• Isn’t known for killing rival gang members, active within the streets & the community and contributes small portions of his illegal money to older homies incarcerated and less fortunate families.
• His father’s entire side of the family has multiple ties to gangs within the Vespucci Beach area, his second cousin is a rival from Bricc Boy. They never see eye-to-eye with each other. Family members within the gang: (2 Lines)
• Uncle Big Thunder Cat, respectable big homie from ESBBC, doing 15 years for armed robbery.
• Auntie is a well respected member of the Vespucci community, and a pillar in the city council.


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NBH - Day 2. Torian "SK" McClain received a call from his older cousin Dean "Dee" Fletcher. At first, Torian thought it was a family call but he soon realized that Dean was calling about more, this proceeded to Dean inviting his younger cousin SK to an Airbnb he rented earlier in the week. He knew SK would fall for the materialistically items and then talked with his younger cousin about coming to work for him. Dean is currently one of the biggest drug & arms dealers in Los Santos, this forcing him to recruit new employment with people that he can trust, this he turned to the one person that he knew wanted to earn money and has HIGH respect for him and is loyal. 




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NBH - Day Three. The next day SK met up with his cousin Dean about a job Up-North, Dean needed SK and other associates to go and pickup/deliver a package. While this was very risky, SK knew he could handle the challenge and recruited a couple of homies from Los Santos. These members were Mad Flame & Infant HS (headshot) very reputable members of the 113 Original Blocc Crip, aka Blue Flame Gang. SK took it upon himself to recruit both of these individuals and used them to pickup the shipment. They took the trip out to Grand Senora Desert, after collecting the drop they took it to a storage unit owned by "Dean "Dee" Fletcher but leased another tenant name and stored everything. 




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