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[PERSONAL BLOG] Racist Violence Must End - Chloe Knight

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   I was headed out for an early-morning hike with my wife today when I received a message on FaceBrowser that disturbed me more than any message I've ever received. A young black man was laying on the ground, recoiling from stab wounds. Standing over him was a group I have been told by people who live in the area are neo-Nazis. This black man was stabbed for one sin: trying to enjoy a public BMX park.


 This city has a problem I talked to someone about yesterday during my town hall at Mr. Liu's in Little Seoul. This city has a neo-Nazi problem. Vespucci is rife with white supremacists who harass local businesses, and do horrible things like this to minorities who have the audacity to simply try to enjoy the beach.

    This is not something that we can ignore in Los Santos. This is not something we can ignore as San Andreans. In the Senate, there is currently legislation written by Senator Dianna Jones regarding hate-crime. This is a step in the right direction, but it is not enough.

    Citizens, people, all of us need to step up to this hatred and racism. This violence. No one should be afraid to enjoy a public park or beach because of the color of their skin. No one should be stabbed over racist hatred. Every decent person in this city knows what I'm saying to be true.

    I call now on our police force to double their efforts in Vespucci and stop the harassment of local businesses, and end the racist violence. We cannot accomplish what needs to be accomplished here without the heroism of good law enforcement officers. LSPD, LSSD, please step up your presence in Vespucci.

    Most importantly, I call on all of us - Democrats, Republicans, Independents - to step up as well. Vespucci will /not/ become a bastion of racism, hatred, and violence. I call now for a Rally Against Hatred at the BMX park in Vespucci this month. I call upon anyone with good-will and good-faith to step forward and coordinate this with me.

    We are stronger together than apart. It's election season, and partisan rhetoric is running hot. But we must never fail to remember what it is that makes a city work. The common values of decency and love for our neighbors that binds us. Only together - with the support of the City, the PD and SD, and the people, can we overcome this epidemic of hatred and violence.

Let's do that.

Chloe Knight

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Username: justthefacts

Comment: maybe if pussy ass white collar vespucci mallrats actually gave eye witness statements about who they saw committing crimes something might be done

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Username: Dogtown_Monkey_Bandit
comment: A rally won't fix anything, stay the fuck outta Dogtown, extremely lame. You're projecting bitch-tendencies.

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Username: J-DOG (Jonah Green)
Comment: I'd like to ask you one thing, do you live in Dogtown? If so, you'd know that the so-called, "White Supremacist Neo-Nazi's", are just a SMALL group young and rowdy teenagers who are attempting to bring back the Local's Only culture of the 90's. I, as a black man living in Vespucci, can confidently say that the men photographed are NOT racist as I recently was invited to a party of theirs, which I was unable attend due to lingering health issues from my time in the Gulf War. You media types absolutely disgust me, there is no way to derive a white supremacy problem from this narrative unless you were trying to push your own agenda. Left Wing media puts stories out like this to convince the larger population who are trying to figure out what's actually going in my beloved hometown that Fascism, Neo-Nazism, and White Supremacy are actual problems, when in reality, Alt-Left, Communist, and Socialist domestic terror groups such as the recently formed DGTCFF(Dogtown Communist Freedom Fighters) have been actively recruiting disenfranchised minorities AND whites alike to commit the same exact hate crimes on law abiding citizens you claim go on in your Red Rag. Im sad to say my nephew is a member of this terrorist cell, and he was influenced by stories like YOURS. You are a blight on this community and need to be sued, put through the legal system, and thrown in prison for inciting violence. 
Thanks for taking the time to read this, but if you didn't, here's the TLDR: This person is twisting the actions of teenagers acting rowdy into a narrative of hate, causing domestic terror from both sides to rise.

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9 minutes ago, Thrasherman said:

Username: SkaterPunk

comment: He was stabbed for pushing drugs, get your facts right you fucking turbo dyke.

Username: J-DOG (Jonah Green)
Comment: Exactly, may I ask why you're lying blatantly in your article? It pisses me off, I have a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD NEPHEW who reads this sort of COMMIE BULLSHIT and I'm sick of it. You need to be horse-whipped and sterilized.

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