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Add Marine VHF radio


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Short description: Enable a command that can only be used on a ship to communicate with the port authority and between other ships

Detailed description: The command would work the same as the current /atc (Air Traffic Control) command but would apply to ships.

Commands to add:  /vhf

Items to add: N/A

How would your suggestion improve the server? It would be an interesting way to communicate between different vessels and thus enhance the offshore role. In addition to being able to contact maritime rescue, the port authority, etc.

Additional information: N/A

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Big up for this. Currently the LSFD's Lifeguards Division is developing their own boating operation similar to the IRL version of LA County Lifeguards Baywatch. What does that mean? Whenever there is a vessel in distress at sea we are going to be able to respond adequately. Why did we develop this? Well, we've noticed that people tend to sometimes RP boat fires even though it's rare, people also tend to RP needing help in the sea even though again, it's rare.


I think that introducing this Marine Radio similar to the ATC will show people that they can freely RP distressing situations while they are out and about boating or yachting. Many people on the server do that and I believe that with such change maritime RP would be more encouraged.

Of course I ask if it's possible that should this be introduced FD's boats should automaticallly be connected to it. Currently they have two Fire Boats and can be pretty good if this is carried out.

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Definite support for this, boating should become more popular with improved 1.1 sync, and this would make a very good addition to encourage more interaction. Perhaps it could be excluded for the jetskis though.

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