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Behind every fortune, there’s a great crime


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All information and screenshots are OOC and not to be used IC.10 Spots That Prove West 4th Street Is The Best Date Night Block In NYC

       This thread will follow the character development of Manhattan Native; 

James Lorenzo Lucarelli 


Growing up, James was supported by his wealthy father, Michael Lucarelli, and housewife mother, Isabella Lucarelli; living relatively sheltered James was always pushed by his parents to focus on school, religion, and to pursue a tertiary education. Easier said then done, when you grow up around savages. 

James heeded to his parents and tried his best, a bright kid, his family decided to move from their West 4th street home to the Upper East, enrolling James into a prestigious Middle School, Wagner. Through his academic years, life was the same as any coming-of-age New Yorker; brawls, parties and brotherhood.  Eventually moving to the awarded, Catholic school, Loyola High. James continued his academic success and began to excel in his Business and Commerce class, finding a love for it, a burning passion. His High School career would eventually come to an end, and with  his above average, impressive results, James enrolled into the NYU School of Business.


All of a sudden, James’ focus had suddenly shifted from academics to debauchery, living on his own now; out of his parents jurisdiction, James had become a new man, for better or worse.

James continued his lavish party life, abusing blow and trashing dorms, he was the campus pest.

This carefree attitude would last until his fourth year, James needed something to bring him back down to earth, just a week out from graduating when George, his father, was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive pancreatic cancer and roughly a month to live.


      Mother with son at graduation Stock Photos - Page 1 : Masterfile

Michael and Isabella Lucarelli attending their Son's graduation. (2020)

Soon after his graduation, Michael had passed, his funeral was the funeral of a king, packed to the brim with high rollers, politicians, family friends, the odd celebrity, all paying respects to James and his father.

One man stood out, donned in a ironed Brioni suit, clad with gold necklaces and rings, standing with him and his mother at the service.


Adrian Lugera, an extremely close family friend, James' 'Uncle' had decided to let him in on the family secret. 

"You ever wondered why? Your dad never told you why? /Why/ he has these riches, this /status/? There's a reason all these politicians are here suckin' his dick, James, and it ain't cause he was suckin' theirs." 

It didn't take long for James to realize, that the envelopes he used to collect from his fathers "Friends" and “Business partners” weren't balance sheets or gifts, or rather, gifts that weren't tainted with fear.

James' father was a soldier for the Genovese family, a large earner, an integral cog in the machine that was the New York underworld.

Leaving his life behind, James was inducted by Lugera, tasked with running the legal fronts in their new economic expedition, Los Santos.


   James Lucarelli and Adrian Lugera (2021) 



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