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IMEX Logistics

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About Us


Founded in April 2019 by the Busch family, IMEX Logistics is a privately-held organization with a proven track record in Los Santos. From our humble origins as a small but proud family business, our delivery coverage is one of the widest in the region, and we have grown to become one of the state's premier carriers.




Conveniently headquartered in the beating-heart of Elysian Island, our facility was specifically constructed as the logistical epicenter of the logistical industry in Los Santos. With an advanced service fleet of over a dozen vehicles, and over one hundred highly-trained drivers and supporting staff, we provide fast and effective distribution throughout the city and surrounding counties. As the region's largest and most-active transporter and logistics provider, we deliver everything from industrial materials, automotive parts, food-grade products, firearm components, general goods, and exotic items.




Our Mission


We aim to provide an unmatched customer service experience, and have earned a reputation across the region for our passion and professionalism. Our dedication to customer service, and our sworn commitment to delivering satisfaction to our clients is driven by our company's most valuable asset—our people. We invest heavily in training, and believe in continuously coaching ourselves to be the best we can be.


Less 'company', more 'community'. Our mission is to provide a positive, safe and enriching environment, with open lines of communication between drivers, technicians, office staff, and management. We are committed to focusing on the safety and security of not only ourselves, but also our clients, and the general public.


We strive to maximize efficiency, and actively manage operating costs to provide transportation solutions to our clients. We are guided by the principles of honesty and hard work, and our success is rooted in our set of core values—integrity, collaboration, and dependability. 


Our Team



Aurora McCorkle - Chief Executive Officer


With over a thousand deliveries, Aurora is a tireless worker, a passionate trucker who holds our community close to her heart. From a rural background in Canada, Aurora joined us in May 2020 and rose to a leadership role by the end of summer. Under the mentorship of Harvey Busch, Steve Hastingson, and Richard Davis, she gained invaluable skills and critical experience to take control of the company by the end of the year. Through her brand of compassionate leadership, Aurora has endeavored to nurture, regenerate, and preserve the community she holds dear.



Otis Hopkins - Chief Operations Officer


Rooted and unwavering, Otis has long been the rock of our community. Joining in August 2020, Otis quickly became a standout amongst the Supervisor team, and soon joined Aurora in leading us through a prolonged and pained transitional period. A rock-solid manager, a cool and collected leader, Otis' foresight, confidence, and resoluteness continue to keep the community strong, focused and going forward.



Chris Haynes - Operations Manager


Continuously persistent and perpetually collaborative, Chris joined us in September 2020, and immediately expended incredible effort to cultivate and develop the community. Chris is utterly open-minded, objective, and imaginative. Humble yet unyielding, Chris tends to take a neutral stance on most issues. Chris' brand of optimistic and encouraging leadership is invaluable to the company, as are the ideas and advice he contributes to the Management team. A natural negotiator, he excels as an intermediary, bridging gulfs between coworkers and brokering deals with clients. 



Cengiz Kurt - Assistant Operations Manager


With a background in the taxi industry, and an upbringing from Turkey, Cengiz offers an invaluable perspective to our community. Approachable and level-headed, Cengiz's magnetic personality and coactive spirit brings out the best in those around him. His shrewdness and sound-judgement are second to none, and his unwavering commitment and dedication to the well-being of the community is unquestionable. Open-minded yet decisive, Cengiz continues to adapt and grow as a leader, propelling the community forward.



Oakley Leblanc - Finance Officer


With a hard-earned education from one of Canada's leading universities, Oakley's accounting credentials are unparalleled in the regional trucking industry. Joining the team at a critical period in November 2020, her prudence, accuracy, and efficiency have proved integral to our operations time and time again. Energetic and amiable, Oakley's reservoir of light-hearted charm is endless, while her devotion to the community and due diligence to her craft is undeniable.



Iris Ayala - Fleet Manager


Constantly devising new ways to wrest useful information from her data, Iris endeavours to provide us with up to date reports and summaries. Never without reach of her clipboard and laptop, this astute Texan plays a critical part in our ability to gauge productivity and profitability. Ingenious and ever inventive, Iris is always pushing the numerological envelope, and invariably devising new ways she can assist her community.



Philip Jonson - Supervisor


Always active and everlastingly enthusiastic, Philip is one of the hardest-working truckers in the region. Ever since joining us in November, Philip has put his heart, body, and soul into the community. Eagled-eyed and sharp, he is protective of his coworkers, and always looking out for their safety, security, and well-being. Continually honing his leadership skills, Philip is a rising-star within our team.



Blake Mitchell - Supervisor


An experienced and trusted figure within our community, Blake is a team player, who volunteers to help out when he can. Warm and cooperative, Blake excels in making those around him feel at ease. Always on call, Blake acts as a role model to the rest of us.


Fleet Technicians


Our vital team of highly-skilled Fleet Technicians ensure that our fleet is well-maintained, clean, and safe. Because of their handicraft and hard work, our trucks are ready to roll at all times to meet our commitments.




Hiring - Unexperienced Drivers


Hiring - Experienced Drivers




Vacancy - Human Resources Manager


Vacancy - Human Resources Member


Vacancy - Sales Representative


Vacancy - Convoy Security


Know someone who would be a good fit for these roles? Please email us at [email protected] ((forum PM either @arctic677, @tmoney., @Adv, or @Enlightening)) with the following form filled out:


First name:
Middle name:
Last name: 
Date of birth: ((DD/MMM/YYYY))
Phone number:
Place of residence: ((Name of city/county))


Position applying for:


Current or prior employment details.
Company name:
Reason for departure (if not currently employed):


Have you been convicted or a felony or misdemeanor?:

Do you consent to a background check for your criminal record?:

Do you have a valid driver's license?:








IMEX is one of the largest and longest-running trucking firms in the community. We've long held a good reputation for the quality of our drivers, and this is something we aim to keep as we move forward.


If you have any suggestions, comments, or encounters with IMEX, we'd definitely appreciate your input below! We're constantly striving to improving ourselves and are always open to new suggestions.

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