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Ankle Monitors

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Feature Showcase: Ankle Monitors



Ankle Monitors for people on parole


What does this do?

This allows the Sheriff's Department to keep track of people who are on parole by placing an ankle monitor on their...  ankle (clue's in the name lol). These are sometimes also called electronic tags.


Can I tamper with my ankle monitor?

Yes, you can but I advise against it since it does inform the Sheriff's Department of your last known location.


Can my ankle monitor be removed?

Yes, the Sheriff's Department can remove your ankle monitor or you can do it yourself illegally.


How is this balanced for illegal roleplayers?

Removing your ankle monitor illegally will usually give you a random amount of time before the Sheriff's Department is informed (anything up to 60 seconds).


How can I know if someone is wearing an ankle monitor?

You can use /examine to know if someone is wearing an ankle monitor since it will show up in their attributes. This way you can silently judge someone who is on parole.




/removemyanklemonitor - Remove your ankle monitor illegally which will notify SD within 60 seconds.

WARNING: You are required to roleplay removing your ankle monitor. Failure to roleplay this can result in administrative punishment.


(LSSD only) /anklemonitor [Player] - Place an ankle monitor on someone.

(LSSD only) /removeanklemonitor [Player] - Remove ankle monitor from player

(LSSD only) /parolemonitor [Trace/List] - Ability to trace a parolee or provide a list of all online parolee's.


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