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Dogtown White Boys


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Vespucci Beach is a hub of delinquency. The streets are littered with graffiti, skaters, and punks. Vespucci High has become a hub for dropouts that continue the cycle of white beach trash. The school is held together by the love of football and alongside the tight-knit community. Local legends like Charlie Wolcott, Raymond Simmons, and Huell Mundy became legends after dropping out. The new generation of local fuck ups rally around a culture of protecting their own. Parker Wilson was assaulted after an away game, Duke Kirkman alongside other Vespucci kids jumped in as they witnessed the event. Parker Wilson suffered a concussion and was rushed to the ER. Duke Kirkman alongside his friends made a pact to look out for each other and other locals after that night. Once Parker recovered the group would roll together and would refer to themselves as what they were Dogtown White Boys. The older members of the small group often commit small-time offenses for the fun of it or to fuel their dirty habits. The formation of the group has been kept on the quiet side, haven’t not many things change within Dogtown. The Dogtown White Boys are known to be a group of like-minded individuals from the Vespucci area. They are involved in the consumption of methamphetamines and various other drugs. The group draws various inspiration from the local White gangs and Sureno sets. 




                   THE FORMATION INTO A GANG


After the group was set to have another night of band practice. Lucas Becker is flung off his bike by a speeding SUV. The driver further proves that anyone outside of Vespucci does not care for locals within Dogtown. Duke Kirkman witnesses his mentor Raymond Simmons execute the Driver which confirmed to him that Raymond’s way of life was the only correct way. Duke Kirkman gathered his close-knit friends and proposed the idea of keeping their area safe to his friends. His speech down at the bowl persuaded the group to join his cause. The group is known to have violent tendencies towards outsiders dealing in their town using the guise of saying it hurts the town while they peddle any illicit substance or good they can to other locals. Over time, Duke and his close peers gained a small following in Vespucci. Getting multiple classmates and friends to tag along at the skatepark and local hangout spots around the beach. Slowly but surely Duke gained a reputation not only in Vespucci High but in Dogtown as a whole. Pushing “locals only” so much that it influences the local kids to follow in Duke’s footsteps. The saying “locals only” went from a motto to a movement very quickly, with small-crimes erupting throughout Vespucci pushing the movement into a more violent direction.




    Current Rumors 


The group has been rumored to recruit new members out of Vespucci Beach High School. The two heads of the group Duke Kirkman and Parker Wilson have known punks within their senior class. Inked members of the group can be seen within classes that harbor Duke Kirkman or Parker Wilson. A video has gone viral of a large group of boys with Duke and Parker amongst them chasing another young man out of the beachfront. 





   Peckerwoods in Dogtown

After the build up of tensions with both law enforcement, rival gangs, and pressure from non locals. Hazard and his gang of former punks, reached a plateau. “Hazard” began to link up with other criminal white gangsters and began to adapt to their way of thinking and their way of life. Hazard being mentored by members of Public Enemy alongside Cortes Aryan Skin Heads that kept pushing him drugs and kept cementing the way of life he was taught. The powder keg for these teachings occurred when after weeks of harassment the LSPD attempted to arrest a member of the group. "Hazard" booked inside Twin Towers Correctional Facility reevaluates his motivations before being released.  The gang amped up their scheming during Hazard's stint with support from other local white gangsters. 




          OOC SECTION.

All racist actions that take place IC is all IC. OOCLY the faction has no hatred to any race.

The focus of this group is to portray young Peckerwoods criminals that inhabit the city of Los Santos around the beachfront. We encourage every member of the faction to have a character story.  Myself and @Mooseicles have a strict one strike and you’re out policy. Your character may be rejected to join if the backstory or the character is too outlandish.  Forum PM @Snoot or @Mooseicles to inquire about joining. 


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