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Born and raised a Dogtown native, Parker grew up to be a piece of white beach-bum trash. His home was split at a young age, forcing him to live with his uncle nearby the canals in a low-end apartment. He spends most of his time on a BMX at the bowl on the Vespucci beach, or tagging local walls with obscure praises for bands he enjoys. Spending time with people he considers his family payed off, when at an away game in the north he was jumped by several people being hospitalized with head trauma. Shortly after recovering, his friends finally standing up for themselves vowing to be there for each other until their last moments.

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Duke Kirkman, Parker Wilson and Robert Lawless run for several hours from the scene of a murder. They know if they are caught they could be charged with accessory. Their entire futures at stake, they make a dash up north- to Paleto. After settling down in a motel they lay low for three months- taking on low tier jobs, ensuring that they stay hidden from the prying eyes of the law. Once they feel that they are clear, they make a trip back down via Parker's car attempting to reintegrate into their normal daily lives.







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