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Robert Bonfiglio

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Robert Bonfiglio

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Robert Bonfiglio (born November 20, 1981) is an associate of the Martorano crime family. He was previously an associate with the Colombo crime family's LS-based faction under Angelo Sisca Jr. and Paul Longo. Bonfiglio is considered a senior associate and works as a union representative with ILWU Local 66. He is a minor labor racketeer and was involved with the murder of Anthony Limone, another Colombo associate, in early 2021.





Bonfiglio was born in Los Santos and a nomad around the city. He moved from area to area at the behest of his parents' entrepreneurial nature. Bonfiglio's performance in school was considered poor and lacking. He was an avid baseball player in high school, but suffered an ankle injury which left him with a permanent gait. He was ineligible for college and instead resorted to employment at a local grocery store.


Bonfiglio was briefly involved in a tax fraud scheme in order to support his family. In 2010, Bonfiglio married Lisa Maresco with whom he had two children. In the 2010s, Bonfiglio was a used car salesman in the La Mesa, East Los Santos area, operating the Steals N Deals Auto Dealership.



Colombo—Martorano ties

Bonfiglio's regular stops at an upstairs whorehouse in a local social club, Sabella's, earned him friendships among numerous mafia figures in the East LS sphere. He befriended Angelo Sisca Jr. and Paul Longo, two soldiers in the Colombo crime family. His growing dependence on alcohol led him astray in Sabella's, and he became entangled in the mob life as a result.


Bonfiglio rose to prominence in the Colombo's LS-based faction. He became tight-knit with fellow mob associate Ronald "Moe Chameleon" Ganisa and acted as cleaners and drivers in mafia hits and became a reliable handle for the Longo-Sisca crew, then operating under caporegime Dominic "Donnie Shacks" Montemarano.


Anthony Limone

Bonfiglio was involved in the clean-up of mob associate Anthony Limone, who was marked for death after allegedly disrespecting a Colombo soldier. He was responsible for disposing of the corpse, and allegedly "rinsed the place of death with hot water and a cloth," until a six-man SWAT team broke into Sabella's and arrested both Bonfiglio and Ganisa in the middle of the process. In a bid for less jail time due to a lack of evidence, Bonfiglio accepted a plea deal charging him with conspiracy to commit murder, and served six months in prison. The murder weapon was never found.


Labor racketeering

Following Bonfiglio's release, he was fully absorbed by a high-ranking member of the Martorano crime family, Angelo Sisca. Bonfiglio was appointed as a union representative of the International Longshore & Warehouse Union, Local 66, and is considered to be minorly involved with labor racketeering, fraud, and skimming. 



(( Credits to @The Dirty Duke. ))

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