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Sexy HUD

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5 hours ago, Marksman said:

But why would you suddenly know all four cardinals without any type of actual aid? Why should everyone get every direction under the sun stamped in the corner of their screen?

Because most cars display the cardinal direction right on the dashboard. I know mine tells me whether I'm driving East, ENE or Southwest.

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16 hours ago, GamingNinjaSheep said:

Looks good, but one pet peeve of mine that can happen when left justifying the speedometer like that: as the speed changes the "mph" text moves around with it, I assume this is why it's right justified in the first place.

Yesterday I realised that the "mph" actually moves along with the changing speed as it is now. So I was wrong, it's not right justified, it's left justified but moved to the right. Now I can't unsee it, so yes, I fully support a HUD change that makes it less cluttered.

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Supported, though as many people say, the cardinal direction wouldn't hurt to keep. 

As a side suggestion I'd say both player count/version and odometer could be temporary visible when pressing Z (by default), as it's the vehicle's name and street in vanilla GTA V.

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On 2/24/2021 at 2:11 AM, TomRom97 said:

What I'd change to your suggested screenshot would be to keep the mileage, but stack it under your speed next to the map, and also keep the playerbase, but make it a smaller size. 

Agreed that the player count could be helpful to have, though I am not too confident that the mileage is worth keeping on a heads up display since it's an ugly number that takes up lots of space and doesn't need to be checked that often. /vstats should be more than sufficient for vehicle mileage.

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On 2/13/2021 at 9:07 PM, u10sil said:

Short description: Make the HUD sexy

Detailed description:



Commands to add:

Items to add:

How would your suggestion improve the server?

Less obnoxious HUD, more time to appreciate this (aging yet still) visually appealing game.


This also creates screen real estate for future stuff like...
- an indicator that shows which radio slot you have set if your radio is /togr'ed

- if you're in an LEO faction and inside of a vehicle, an indicator that shows what your unit's status is currently marked as

Additional information:

i use the compass alot tho...

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