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Sexy HUD

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Short description: Make the HUD sexy

Detailed description:



Commands to add:

Items to add:

How would your suggestion improve the server?

Less obnoxious HUD, more time to appreciate this (aging yet still) visually appealing game.


This also creates screen real estate for future stuff like...
- an indicator that shows which radio slot you have set if your radio is /togr'ed

- if you're in an LEO faction and inside of a vehicle, an indicator that shows what your unit's status is currently marked as

Additional information:

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I've been finding myself to toggle the HUD a lot more often as of late as it tends to be obnoxious at times. I agree with everything you've suggested here, however, I wouldn't be opposed to keeping the cardinal direction. I would however like to suggest that the GTA.WORLD branding is removed in it's entirety as it serves virtually zero purpose. 

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typo, cardinal direction can stay
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