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Patricio "Dash" Jimenez


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Full Name: Patricio 'DASH' Jiménez

Age: 15
Birthplace: Rancho, Los Santos
Ethnicity: Mexican-American
Personality: Ambitious, Selfish, Optimistic, Short Tempered

Family & Relatives:
Isabella Jiménez [Formerly Mejia] [Mother]
Rodrigo Jiménez [Father] 
Valentina Jiménez [Sister]

Their Story:
Patricio, born August 30th, 2006 to Isabella and Rodrigo Jiménez. Growing up in the Jamestown Projects, life was never easy for Patricio’s family. His father, Rodrigo was serving a 15 year sentence for armed robbery and battery. It was up to his mother, who worked two jobs to provide for him and his older sister, leaving her to spend little to no time with the kids. Valentina would look out for her younger brother, Patricio, acting as a parent; assuring he’d have something to eat every night. Being not that far off in age the pair were relatively close until his sister met her now ‘boyfriend’ Victor who slowly manipulated her into the fast life. She’d move on to become a dancer, travelling cities and different clubs. Patricio soon found himself fending for himself, his sister left to live a life that his mother didn’t agree with.

Patricio would spend most of his free time outside, playing basketball or riding around on his BMX but for the times he’d be in the house, he’d be writing rhymes to instrumentals he’d find on Youtube being influenced by some of his favorite artists. Using the small amount of money his mother would leave him every other day before going to work, Patricio would hit the corner store in attempt to shoplift more than he paid for, stealing mostly snacks and junk food; often times leading to him being chased out the store by the working clerk. As of recently, he'd find himself mixed with the wrong crowd as his life took an unexpected turn.

Patricio’s knowledge would lean more to the streets than the books. His ambitious attitude while being a good thing, would feed onto Patricio's selfishness. He’d act in the best interest for himself and the people he cares for most. Patricio would be short tempered when it came to disagreements he’d have with his peers, especially if someone were to bring up his sister and her street career, dancing.


This thread will follow the story of Patricio Jimenez

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