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“Life is so fragile and unpredictable, especially when you are in a gang or in a life of crime. It’s like playing poker; you think to yourself that you have a good hand. However, it is only when you reveal your hand do you sometimes discover to your horror that someone else’s hand is better.”

-Risa, 16 years old, Davis-











Birthplace: Tonga 
Ethnicity: Mixed ( Asian / Tongan )
Personality: Ticking bomb, low fused and sincere, loyal and friendly with kids.

Family & Relatives: Mother Kalasia Soakai

Father Li Jun Soakai 

Grandmother Saskana Soakai

PRESENT: Risa is currently almost 18 years old, still living with her grandmother but mostly spending the nights in her boyfriend's house, as it is right on Covenant. She's the CO-leader of "w/s 76sCHC" clique Darterrius founded, taking care of most of it as the new kids around sees her as a "ghetto mother" or a "bigger sister", because she tries to teach them everything she had to teach herself back in the days. She achieved a place in the set, proudly wearing her blue rag around her neck and the several tattoos she got. She has become mentally unstable because of the variety of crimes she commited, starting to abuse drugs more often, actually growing weed herself with her boyfriend. Her "hustle" side is growing pretty fast, making a lot of profits from her connections and traps, trying to help her mother as much as she can with the financial part, attempting to bring her from her stepfather's hands and bringing her to her grandmother. She tries to remain big and grow fast in front of the "big homies", finally making a group of friends who influenced her with a lot of mindsets and personality traits, "Dart" that shown her everything she got from this point, "Knuckles" that shown her you can be goofy as fuck and still remain serious in the right moments, "T-Bone" who shown her how you can make easy connections and be loyal, "AK" who shown her how to stand for your hood, "Raf" who shown her what the respect is and motivated her in everything.

She tries to mentain herself as clean as possible to the part of "files", as she describes herself as "Slippery" in those situations, always managing to escape every "risky" situation. She keeps her head up and develops herself into better, always taking the L's in case she does something wrong and trying to provide herself from ending up like every "Goofy" did.

BACKSTORY: Risa is a mixed girl from South LS. She was born in Tonga where she spent almost six years of her life, but she ended up moving away with her grandmother in LS after her parents split. Her mother came with her in LS after some years spent in Tonga to benefit from all their needs and her father went back in China where he formed a new family but didn't disappeared completely from Risa's life, keeping the "contacts" with her until she turned 12 and his new-born with his new wife was formed, and he basically forgot about her and her mother's existence from that point. 
Risa had a quiet and relatively good childhood, being the only "happy place" for her hardworking mother, who tried her best to keep Risa to the top always. She was neither the best student or the lowest, doing OK in school and practicing several jobs to help her mother through her hard times, walking dogs or babysitting but nothing was helping them enough. Finally her mother found another man when she turned 13, who seemed to be " The best father she ever had ", but that thing had a drastic twist when she turned 14 and he started abusing alcohol, and overall being abusive. She would lock herself in her room, praying for things to change but that never happened, she always got verbally abused by him, and when she responded back he would hit her mother and she learned how to shut up for her mother's good. That's how Risa became the quiet kid, leaning herself in a pit of her own without opening herself with people she didn't knew, getting to know them very well first before opening up.

Flaws: She's afraid of most things, she doesn't know how to lie because she's baldly telling the truth to anyone and that can hurt them most of the times, she is very short heightened.

Hobbies: Graffiti, tricking people in her traps.

Fave activities: Graffiti, spending time with her boyfriend and the set.




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