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Cease outside CK Applications


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Double edged sword, I would like more CK's so people roleplay fear properly. At the same time there has been a precedent set where I've seen people get away with CKing characters over extremely poor reasons. Take the Jack Templar CK as an example - https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/69943-character-kill-appeal-jack-templar/?do=findComment&comment=748130 (And there are more like this)



A CK like this is absolutely horrible because this has opened up a can of worms you didn't want to open. There are a lot of toxic people on this community, proven by the amounts of times that people got banned for p2w attitudes. Having whole senate like groups on discord which they used for OOC dealings, OOC information gathering and exchanging. Basically, some people will do anything they can do gain an advantage. With the CK appeal I just linked and the way it was resolved you showed people a strategy they could use to get rid of anyone they wanted. These same people that went as far to play chess OOCly can now talk among each other OOCly to plan CKing someone rather easily, just start spreading lies, false rumors around for a long amount of time. Even if the lies or rumors are not true, you can set a character up really badly this way through OOC planning and communication and there is absolutely zero way to prove it because if all discussed properly, they'll have the proper screenshots ready to show all their "paranoid" roleplay development in which are just as much planned and set-up as most screenshots you see in faction threads. It's not that hard to fake shit and create a narrative around a character to justify killing them. If people have bad intentions they will coordinate with each other like this just to fuck with someone. I don't think anyone should EVER be CKed over rumors, lies, etc. That should all be a PK to avoid abuse. CK's should only be issued if the character OOCly deserved it too, not if the kill was only justified on the perpetrators end. It has to be justified on the victim too, they have to actively have gotten themselves in that bad situation with no way to resolve it and showing bad intentions themselves or just terrible roleplay in general. If you're forced into CKing when its not your fault at all you're just going to discourage people to make sheep characters, and we'll only have wolves left which'll in turn make the server even more like a makeshift gangwars TDM with a bit of chit-chat and cute purple action text.


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Definitely more CKs if they are warranted. Actions have consequences, being a "legal" character doesn't mean you get to ignore all consequences whilst actively destroying illegal RP.


If you don't agree with the CK, you appeal it.


Huge -1.

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I definitely think the standard for a CK to be approved needs to be fairly high. CKing someone over some pretty simple beef, or just because someone called the cops on a character who is actively breaking into your home and what not isn't really conducive to great RP. I think that a high standard on CK applications should exist to ensure that CKs aren't just throwing out someones character development over something that in the grand scheme of things wasn't very important or even very well roleplayed. Especially since some CKs are most definitely OOCly motivated rather than ICly motivated.

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I've only been CK'd once nearly 2 years ago and it was such a trivial experience that I actually try to stray away from from entertaining illegal faction experiences. 


Simply put, I was a licensing official and I would give basic addresses and information to a network I knew nothing about. One day. I asked for a small payment for a specific address/info on a police officer.


My CK was highlighted by alleged "extortion" for asking for a payment... Mind you I had 0 knowledge of the group, outside of giving them information at my office, which was spurred by a random interaction where I was asked for it. Essentially I was told that you wouldn't ask a "mob boss" for money.. Ironically, I didn't know much about the person.


I didn't appeal.. I moved on. But it seemed silly RP is put to the forefront whereas it is allowed to end another's for something minute. With little logic or intellect applied, or revealed, I can deffinately agree that their is a lack of consideration when divulging from a PK into a CK.







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