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“Mata, roba, viola, controla.”

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“Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red."
This thread will follow the character development of Idania Ceres, a young victim of a harsh Salvadoran reality.
Meanwhile, a "short" yet thorough character description.

General overview of her attributes and statistics:
Full Name: Idania Ceres
Age: 16
Date of Birth: April, 16th, 2004
Zodiac: Aries.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Nationality: Salvadoran.
Tattoos: None, yet.
Hometown: Barrio El Carvario, Nejapa, El Salvador.
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 127 pounds
Character’s body build: Skinny with no visible muscle defitinition whatsoever.
Eye Color: brown.
Hair Color: Black.
Type of hair: long, wavy.
Complexion and skin tone: Olive.
Current Residence: Los Santos, San Andreas, USA.
Occupation: Student.

Personality Attributes and Attitudes:
Educational Background: High school, 11th grade.
Intelligence Level: Below average.
Languages: Fluent in English and Castillan with Salvadoran influences.
Any Mental Illnesses?: Antisocial Personality Disorder.
How does the character show affection/love?: She doesn't. More often than not, Idania sees relationships as means to reach an end.
How does the character handle grief? Can the character cry?: Grief is a foreign concept for her warped mentality, she doesn't cry from interpersonal activities.
How does the character handle pain?: Poorly, her pain threshold is very low.
Is the character typically a leader or a follower?: Follower.
Nervous Tics: nail-biting, self-cannibalism.


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