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6 minutes ago, -MCV- said:

That's what happens when the server time doesn't catch up to summer time. The gap widens even more. People won't stay up until 3-4AM just to get out to the clubs at the realistic time.

So it's sort of like... Sunbathing at night, due to server limitations, correct?

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13 hours ago, MotionSickness said:



How much of this is available to the public in terms of IC knowledge? Sorry for tagging you, but you seem to have the most posts in this forum section so you may be the best person to answer. @Eriks

I can't claim this is definitely the correct answer but in my country anything said in parliament is recorded and publicly available. I can only imagine it works the same in US Assemblies and Senates. That's probably why that forum section is public.

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1 minute ago, thekillergreece said:

Excuse my stupid questions but I thought we can't use IRL names if we are in LS? Like, instead of Los Santos High School, I can just say "City Honors High School"?

No clue about that but you can surely replace the names of areas/cities that have their counterparts in GTA5, e.g. East Los Angeles Community College -> East Los Santos Community College; Compton High School -> Davis High School etc.

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