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Continuity Questions & Answers

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12 minutes ago, Koko said:

I don't see how they're not comparable, in fact, I'd argue that it's easier to get the concept behind a real life gang and alter it enough so that you don't need to replicate it completely than it is to, for example, try to make a pop culture reference without making reference to real life celebrities.

The thing that makes them non comparable is the fact that the entities described (Such as celebrities) are people who very few regular everyday people ever actually come across by chance, much less know personally or work with. It's impossible to replicate a celebrity status ingame unless it happens naturally. Gangs are a thing that regular people come into contact with every day, meaning there's more information out there about them and thus they're much easier to portray and don't really compare to what you're talking about.


It's very easy to replicate a street gang and make it fit in with the game world while still keeping the gang based off a real life counterpart. For example, the 18th Street fac in Little Seoul is based off of the Shatto Park 18th Street gang in K-Town, and the MS faction is based off of the Normandie Locos MS-13 clique located near the 18th Streeters in K-Town.


Not only that, but just because a gang uses a certain number in their name, doesn't mean they've gotta be located on a street of that number. The 18th Street Gang for example doesn't even have territory on 18th Street in LA IRL. My comment was originally in response to what Maramizo was saying about gangs basing their heritage off of real life counterparts and using numbers in their clique names. (For example 59 Hoover Gang or Rollin 30's Crip)

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2 hours ago, ThatDutchPerson said:

Fort Zancudo is a militairy installation currently being leased out ICly to the State Government and with the active lease is currently serving as a training ground for LSPD and LSSD. This was confirmed ICly and OOCly when that race was organised by @liafriuli

I’d like this clarified by server staff, that event was a mess and has never been clarified OOCly in regards to continuity guidelines.

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